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20 Toys That Were On Everyone's Christmas List In 1987

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Kids these days. What do they know about real toys?

These days kids are more likely to ask their parents for in-app purchases than an action figure. Maybe that's just how things are now, but it makes us long for the Christmas mornings of our childhoods.

Here are 20 toys every kid was asking for 30 years ago:

1. Lazer Tag

Versions of this toy, which brought laser tag action into your home, are still around today. But Lazer Tag was a real phenomenon when it came out in 1986. Sadly, a 19-year-old was killed in 1987 after police mistook his Lazer Tag pistol for a real gun. But even that barely slowed down sales of this runaway hit toy.

2. Tyco Turbo Hoppers

RC cars are always popular, but with twin joysticks, telescoping antennas, and the signature TURBO BAND for extra speed, the Tyco cars were must-haves this year.

3. The Tomy Omniboy 2000

We weren't dreaming of owning a robot butler like Screech from Saved by the Bell or Urkel from Family Matters yet, but this was basically the same thing. The Omnibot's features included remote control steering, an alarm clock, music playback and sturdy arms that could carry a tray of drinks.

4. The Fisher-Price PXL 2000

Was this black and white video camera kind of crappy? Yes, but it let you tape directly onto a cassette tape, which made us feel like little directors. "Ok Dad, open that present again, but this time with emotion."

5. G.I. Joe Figures

Since the hit cartoon show premiered in 1985, these action figures have been flying off the shelves. The toy line's popularity had barely dropped by 1987, and little kids across America were still asking Santa for a Snake Eyes figure.

6. Cassette Tapes

If you were a music lover, you probably asked your parents for some of this year's biggest hits. Depending on your tastes, U2's Joshua Tree, Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction, and Michael Jackson's Bad were all popular choices.


7. Micro Machines

Were they as cool as Hot Wheels cars? That's for you to decide, but there's no denying these toy cars were insanely popular throughout the '80s.

8. Barbie Dolls

You can count on Barbie making the most-wanted list every year, but she had a little bit of edge in 1987. To compete with Jem, Mattel introduced Barbie and the Rockers, a line of rock and roll dolls who were featured in their own animated adventures.

9. Captain Power Vehicles


Captain Power is a mostly forgotten cartoon, but its toy line was really groundbreaking. The toy spaceships could shoot at your TV screen and interact with special segments of the episode. Of course, if you wanted to play more than once a week, you had to buy the Captain Power tapes.

If you lost too many points during the round, the pilot would eject out of your ship, and probably slam into your face in the process.

10. Pound Puppies

Ghost of the Doll

First released in 1984, Pound Puppies really took off in 1987 as they were featured in restaurant tie ins, coloring books, figurines, and all sorts of other products.

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