With Sears Filing For Bankruptcy, Let's Never Forget How Amazing The Wish Book Was

If you celebrate Christmas, then you know that the most important and exciting day of the year is the one whenever your Sears Wish Book arrives. That's when you know that it's time to start writing out your Christmas list, comparing all the potential toys that you might consider. Pages and pages of Barbies, Lego, and board games to dream about, before writing them down on your letter to Santa. The Wish Book is one of those things that you never really stop looking at. You just keep on flipping through the pages any time you get bored, probably because


Toys 'R' Us Is Coming Back With A New Name, But Not Everyone Is Happy About It

Last week we learned that the lenders responsible for Toys 'R' Us had canceled their bankruptcy auction, meaning that they were planning on attempting a comeback. And already the company has revealed their new plans, but not everyone is happy about it. The Toys 'R' Us branding, including the name and mascots, were retained by the lenders. While the company couldn't make it work, the investors think they've figured out a way to make more money, and it involves bringing back the iconic giraffe. Geoffrey the Giraffe has been the Toys 'R' Us mascot for a long time, but now


Toys 'R' Us May Be Back In Business With Investors Planning A Revival

Remember how devastating it was just a few months ago when Toys 'R' Us filed for bankruptcy and shut all their doors in America? It was like a piece of our childhood had died and we could do nothing but sit and watch it happen. No more biking through the aisles, no more seeing walls of Lego sets, and no more setting off all of the noisy toys at once before running away. Sure, the employees hated us all, but it was a part of growing up, and it was sad to think that the children of the future wouldn't


The Original Tamogotchi Is Coming Back To Remind Us How Bad We Are At Looking After Them

Who else remembers the first creature you were responsible taking care of? Sure, your family may have had a dog or a cat that you claimed you'd "walk every day" or "clean the litter box" but we all know you never did. Instead, all of us can thank our Tamagotchis for teaching us about responsibility. We learned very quickly that if we didn't take care of them properly they were going to die. It was a hard lesson to learn as a young kid, but we all managed it well. Whether it needed to be fed, played with, or put


Target Has Launched A Bunch Of Board Games That'll Help You Re-Live Your Childhood

Playing board games used to be what every kid thought of as fun. Now, most kids would rather play with a cellphone or computer. However, there is still a good portion of the population who are happy to sit down with a good ol' fashioned board game, but, a lot of us are older now. We do happen to be a little bit stuck in our ways, but we can't help but be nostalgic for our childhood, because simply put, everything from our childhood was better. We had the best TV shows, the best music, and the best movies, so


Geoffrey The Giraffe Says Goodbye To Toys 'R' Us And We Can't Help But Get Choked Up

The time has come. Even though we tried to put it off, delay it, or pretend it wasn't happening, the day has arrived. Toys 'R' Us is gone. The doors are closed, the stores are empty, and Geoffrey is out of a job. That's right, Geoffrey the Giraffe, the one who you were always so excited to see when you were a kid, is now unemployed. A former employee of the store shared some final photos of the now empty location before the doors closed for good, and it's absolutely heart-wrenching to see all those empty shelves. It's the store


33 Toys You Definitely Owned If You Were Born In The '80s

We all have our favorite '80s toys, but some were so popular that they seemed to be in every home in America.If you're an '80s kid, we'd be shocked to learn you didn't own these toys:1. Fisher Price Medical KitArkham_Retirement / RedditDon't be surprised if you notice a lot of Fisher Price on this list. The toy company dominated the market in this decade, and one of their most popular sets was this doctor's bag.It had everything you needed to play doctor, and give the family dog a checkup.2. PopplesThe Mary SueThe Popples were designed by


Polly Pocket Is Going Back To Her Roots With A Brand New 90s-Inspired Collection

Who else remembers growing up when our dream toys were these plastic little compacts that had a whole little world inside?  Those little Polly Pockets were everything we wanted. Even though they were such a simple little concept, they managed to fill our imaginations and we loved them. They had so many different kinds of Polly Pockets. Ones based on movies, ones based on fairy tales, and others that are just fun creations of their own.EtsyWhether we were adventuring with Jasmine and Aladdin in Agrabah or having a fun castle adventure, we managed to see these little peg


Paramount Just Announced They Are Making A 'Creepy Crawlers' Movie And We're So Confused

Who else remembers playing with Creepy Crawlers all the time? That iconic burnt plastic smell, those gross little bug molds, and of course the Plastigoop. The original Creepy Crawlers were actually kind of a nightmare. Between the burning hot oven, the toxic goop, and the scalding metal, there was a lot to be afraid of. I mean, none of us were, but we probably should have been. How it startedVintage ToysWhen it originally came out in 1964, the Creepy Crawlers Thingmaker came with a small oven that reached 350 degrees. That's right, just as hot as a real oven. You


Every '80s Kid Had One, But You Probably Don't Know The Story Behind Monchhichis

Toys were simpler when we were young. You didn't need to have something that had built-in Wi-Fi, or a built-in camera, or a giant hard drive, you just needed it to be cute. We had all kinds of stuffed animals to love. There were Care Bears, and Cabbage Patch Kids, and Puppy Surprises, but one toy managed to carry forward from the early 70s and make kids fall in love with it forever. Who else had a Monchhichi when they were young? Probably every single one of you, right? But where did they come from?The BeginningFlickrMonchhichi first came out