20 Of The Weirdest And Grossest Garbage Pail Kids We All Loved For Some Unknown Reason

We all know and love Cabbage Patch Kids right? They are cute, cuddly and adorable. Then there are the Garbage Pail Kids. They are not cute, not cuddly, and adorable but probably almost as popular. These horrifyingly bizarre creations were made as sort of the parody of the Cabbage Patch Kids. They were specifically designed to be as disgusting and offensive as possible (in contrast to their inspiration) which was 100% their appeal. This was of course before the Cabbage Patch Dolls became terrifying enough on their own.Parents hated them, schools despised them, but kids were obsessed. In 1987


13 Amazing 80s Styles That You Know You Rocked

Kids today have a vague idea of the 80s through TV, movies and just general knowledge that gets passed down, but some of us actually lived through that nonsense. There was neon EVERYWHERE, and hair was bigger than you could possibly imagine. Not everyone wants to remember it fondly because it was a lot going on at once, but you know what, we should embrace our choices. The 80s were the brightest, most colorful and perhaps the most fun decade fashion wise that we have ever had. Kids today may get little pieces of it here and there, but they


The Crazy 90s Recall That Made Us All A Little Afraid Of Our Dolls

There seems to be a lot of recalls of products because your kid might choke on a piece, but there are very few done because the toy may choke on you. There was a Cabbage Patch doll in the 90s that actually had to be recalled because it was chewing on children. It actually was pretty serious because it would actually rip out their hair and swallow it down! The Snacktime Kid Cabbage Patch Doll looked like most other Cabbage Patch Kids but it had one very huge difference. The doll had a motorized mouth that you could feed in


13 Things We All Wasted Our Money On As Kids

When you were a kid, there was no better moment than when your parents said you could have a dollar or two to spend on something fun. What did we do? Did we save it up so we could buy something really cool? Absolutely not! We went to the dollar store and bought the most random and useless thing we could find and treasured it dearly for about four and a half minutes. There are some things that everyone had even though we honestly do not know why. Here are 13 of the most bizarre and useless things we all


Can You Explain To Me How Or Why These Got So Popular?

Some toys from the 90s are obviously perfect and deserve all the obsessions they started and praise that they got, looking at you Barbie Jeep, while others were perhaps a little less desirable. There were some fads that spread like wildfire even though when you really look back on them, you have no idea why. Moon Shoes were perhaps one of the biggest toys around and I am not sure I understand why. I understand that they were "gravity defying" shoes, but did they really send you up all that high? From the commercial and all the pictures, they look


11 Things All 90s Kid Absolutely Wanted To Have In Their Bedroom

There were a lot of awesome things that became popular (or had a resurgence) in the 90s and therefore our bedrooms got decorated in the very best way possible. We all had these enormous wish lists of things we absolutely needed and every TV show would add something new to that list. Can you remember all the things you thought would make for excellent decor? Here are 15 of the must-haves from the 90s! 1. A Big CD PlayerPretty much everyone had one like this: But we all REALLY wanted one like this: 2. A Lava LampThey obviously weren't invented


Here Are The 10 Beanie Babies That You Need To Dig Out Of Storage So You Can Retire Early

If you grew up in the 90s, there are most likely some of these TY Beanie Babies hanging around your house or your parent's house packed away in a box. Well, it might be time to finally cash in on that investment because there are actually quite a few worth some decent money now! Sure, there was always the rumor that buying beanie babies would make you rich, but when the whole fad went out of style, the value of a lot of these guys dropped significantly. All of us with shelves upon shelves of beanie babies were left with


Doodle Bears Were The Best Toy And Don't Try To Tell Me Otherwise

Toys in the 90s were a lot different than they are now. Kids these days don't really seem to notice anything that isn't attached to an iPad, but back when we were kids teddy bears and coloring books reigned supreme. The day they combined those two things into one? Absolute magic. The Doodle Bear came out in the mid-nineties and holy moly were they ever huge! Everyone wanted one! I mean, I know I did (and honestly still do).Such a simple concept too, all they were was a bear that was washable so kids could draw all over their


No 90s Home Was Complete Without These Little Kids

If you had to think of one little knick-knack that would remind you of the 90s, it would absolutely have to be a Precious Moments ceramic figurine right? Those little kids were just about everywhere. Not only were there the ceramic figures that your Grandma would give you for your birthday, you could also get the coloring books, the collections of stories and even toys!  They were pretty cute so I can see how they ended up so popular. They were big-eyed kids who always shared the sweetest sentiments like "I love my grandma" or just a simple "I


Remember When Y2K Was Going To Kill Us All?

Who was alive in the year 1999? Well, if you were, surely you remember the whole Y2K craziness that happened. It was absolute mayhem. Everywhere you looked people were preparing for the inevitable crash of all technology because a computer bug would cause everything to think it was back in the year 1900 instead of 2000. The panic was pretty insane. People were terrified that all their computers would stop working and went as far as secluding themselves in bunkers to stay safe. Time magazine even set up a generator powered "war room" in case they needed to break the