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From a funny meme, to a creative craft, a delicious recipe, a cute video or a news story, Shared is here to inspire, amaze, and touch your online life with great content. With close to 30 million fans across multiple Facebook channels, generating over 1 billion views on videos monthly and welcoming more than 1 million visitors a day to our website, we make it easy for you to find the content you will love and want to share with those around you.


What started as a small performance based advertising network, quickly grew when we saw opportunity in the digital content industry. We are continuously evolving because we are strongly motivated to keep pace with emerging online trends. Since we are driven by our desire to enrich our audience’s day with great content, that makes you a big part of our story. Your likes, views, clicks and comments influence us and help guide us onto the next chapter.

We are a passionate group of innovators and thinkers and the internet is our playground. If you want an exciting career in a fast-paced environment driven by a passion for all things online, we would love to talk to you.