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12 Treats We Always Loved Getting At Christmas


While unwrapping the gifts under the tree every year was definitely a highlight of any kid's Christmas, equally awesome was diving into our stockings to find out what delicious treats Santa left for us to get our sugar highs from. In particular, it just wasn't Christmas without one of these 12 snacks.

Candy Canes


Gotta get the obvious out of the way first, but seriously, who doesn't like candy canes? There're so many varieties that you can't even complain about the mint taste.

Lifesaver Books


Not only was the book itself the cutest way to hold candy ever, but you got pretty much every kind of Lifesaver you could ever want, and THEN SOME.

Advent Calendars


There are so many different kinds of these nowadays that you don't even need the chocolate ones, but for my money, there was no better way to count down the days 'til Christmas than a sweet treat every day.

Seashell Chocolates


These are harder to find now, which is really unfortunate because these chocolate and hazelnut treats were so buttery-smooth and tasted so good.

Terry's Chocolate Orange

Yum and Yummer

This one was my personal go-to. They're available all year now, but nothing beat the excitement of finding one of these delicious things in your stocking and then hitting it as hard as you could to separate the pieces.

More tasty Christmas goodness is coming up!



There are so many different kinds of Lindt chocolate that it's absurd, but just about any of them say "Christmas" to everyone. Even the smell is enough to make you feel festive.



Again, these are available all year now, but once upon a time you could only get these delicious triangle-shaped bastards at Christmas. It just isn't the holidays without them!

Chocolate Letters

European Pantry

Apparently these are actually a Dutch tradition, which is pretty cool. That said, you can enjoy them no matter what culture you're from, because who doesn't like chocolate?

Walkers Shortbread Cookies


I mean sure, your grandmother's homemade shortbread was way better, but in a pinch, nothing said the holidays like these little treats.

Licorice Candies

Fine Art America

My parents used to absolutely love getting these for each other every year, and honestly, they're pretty tasty even if you don't like black licorice (which I don't, at all).


Inspired Taste

It's cinnamon and sugar. If that doesn't say festive holiday fun times, I'm not sure what does.



Not to be confused with "covfefe." That is NOT a delicious combination of toffee and hazelnut.

What was your favorite Christmas treat?