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The Original Tale Of Sleeping Beauty Was Not A Happily Ever After, But Every Girl's Nightmare

Cinderella is not the only fairy tale with an unsettling origin story. It seems like the oral tradition of passing stories down from one generation to another worked to scare the bejesus out of children, rather than to entertain them.  Sleeping Beauty was no exception, and the real story of the sleeping princess does not sound anything close to a happily ever after. In fact, the young girl's beloved "savior" needs to get locked up! spiked-onlineMany of us are familiar with Disney's version of the princess tale, which is based on Charles Perrault's rendition of the ancient story.It


Polly Pockets Are Making A Comeback, But You May Notice They Look A Little Different

If you grew up in the '90s without a Polly Pocket toy, you must have felt something valuable was missing from your childhood. But like all things great, there is always a chance they can make a comeback. Luckily, it seems like this generation is choosing to bring back that awesome '90s vibe. We've been seeing more '90s fashion trends like chokers, scrunchies, and round sunglasses. Now one of our beloved toys is making a comeback: Polly Pockets!  ComplexThese pocket-size cases containing miniature dolls and accessories were every little '90s girl's fantasy. Bluebird Toys launched the first Polly Pocket


The Story Behind The "S" That We Drew On Everything In School

No one is sure how long this cool "S" has been around for, but we can all agree that we saw this stylized "S" everywhere in the late '90s and early 2000s. But what exactly was it and where did it come from? ViceIt wasn't rocket science, but everyone who could draw the fancy-looking letter somehow had a little more prestige than those who couldn't. Why this was, I don't know. It was literally the simplest, and most addictive, thing to draw. These 14 lines of awesomeness were even better if you had that letter in your name. If you


15 Things Every Sibling Growing Up In The '90s Fought Over

Growing up with siblings is hard because there were so many things that made our blood boil. No way, Jose were we about to throw the towel in.Here are 15 things every sibling growing up in the '90s fought over. And I mean EVERY sibling, whether you were the oldest, youngest, or middle child. 1. Hogging the TV. MirageI had to pry the controller out of my sibling's hand or stand in front of our small TV to get their attention. The amount of buttons my television controller lost per month is too embarrassing to reveal. 2. Who was


The Little Boy From "Titanic" Reveals How Much He Makes In Royalties

Titanic is currently one of the top five highest grossing films ever, raking in more than $2 billion. That's quite the title to have, considering how many exceptional movies are out there.There are so many things we love about this film. The storyline is incredibly emotional, and the characters are wonderfully lovable. We know that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have made a considerable amount of money for their roles in the film, which has left them in the limelight ever since, but how much do the minor characters in the film make? I've been wondering, haven't you? Pop


What Happened To Vanessa Carlton After Her Signature Song "A Thousand Miles"?

Vanessa Carlton is not a name you hear nowadays, but we can guarantee that a majority of women, and most likely men, in their 20s and 30s know every single word to the American pop singer's debut single. But after all the love for "A Thousand Miles" died down, we became seriously worried that Vanessa just settled for home bound or got lost in the crowd. I mean, it's all in the lyrics, or are we just looking into it too much? The singer has a lot of explaining to do...Basi karaoke GratisWhen the song was released in 2001,

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10 Foods We Spat Out Every Time We Tried Them As Kids

Most kids are picky eaters, even if they don't think they are. The reason for this was because we always ate foods that we liked, and avoided everything that made us want to spit it out. Whether we love the foods we hated is irrelevant, let's just take a look back at some of the foods we hated with a burning passion. They may have touched our lips or accidentally slipped into our stomachs, but these foods were on the "Never Try Again" list for years! 1. Brussels sprouts  Weber GrillsI remember my parents forcing me to eat these


We Were Right, The 'Crocodile Dundee' Trailer You Saw At Super Bowl 2018 Was Fake, Here's Why

When we heard that one of our favorite adventure comedy films was set to come back, we had our reasons to be skeptical. They even featured the trailer at the 52nd Super Bowl, so you thought they had to be serious! Daily MailThe trailer for Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home came out of nowhere, leaving us all scratching our heads in confusion. They even had a website that got us all excited: "Crocodile Dundee is back. Well, actually, he's missing in the Outback. And the only person who might be able to find him is the loudmouthed


8 Movies We Forgot Had The Most Incredible Soundtracks

Next time you watch your favorite movie, close your eyes and imagine if there was no background music. I'm sure it would be awful, right? A great movie soundtrack effortlessly blends into the background and perfectly weaves the storyline together. Sometimes the characters don't need to say anything, the song does all the talking. It's a powerful tool, and if it's well done, these soundtracks will go down in history, even if the movie isn't as loved as it used to be. Here are 8 movies that have an incredible soundtrack. You're going to be making a new music playlist

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11 Celebrities Who Voiced Some Of Your Favorite Cartoons Without You Realizing

When watching cartoons, it's hard to figure out who the voice actors behind all the characters are. We're so invested in the storyline that we don't even realize a famous celebrity is behind one of our favorite cartoon voices. It's fairly obvious that Eddie Murphy voices Donkey in Shrek and Ellen DeGeneres voices Dory in Finding Nemo, but not all cartoon voices sound just like the voice actor. Here are 11 well-known celebrities who were behind some of the most famous cartoon voices, and you didn't even know it!  1. Fergie - Sally Brown in The Peanuts TwitterI couldn't