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15 Things Every Sibling Growing Up In The '90s Fought Over

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Growing up with siblings is hard because there were so many things that made our blood boil.

No way, Jose were we about to throw the towel in.

Here are 15 things every sibling growing up in the '90s fought over. And I mean EVERY sibling, whether you were the oldest, youngest, or middle child.

1. Hogging the TV.

I had to pry the controller out of my sibling's hand or stand in front of our small TV to get their attention. The amount of buttons my television controller lost per month is too embarrassing to reveal.

2. Who was Player 1 and who had the better controller.  

We all know that Player 1 is the best. They get to choose the character they want to be and what area the game would be played in. It sucked for Player 2 who would have second pick in everything.

3. Playing music too loud (even if you liked the song).

I simply did not want to heart it. Just be silent in your room, others live here too!

4. What "toy or color" you would be in the board game you were playing.

Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders were such a pain to play. It took so long until everyone was happy with the color or piece they chose. Once your sibling started winning, now that's a whole different story.

5. Your sibling eating the last piece of food you were saving for yourself.

The one thing that made me scream at the top of my lungs was seeing an empty packet of my favorite candy or chocolate. I know my name wasn't on it, but it should be common knowledge that the most important person in the household should get the last candy or chocolate. Am I right?

6. Who got to play with the Gameboy first on a trip.

We all want our vacation to start off with a bang. If it starts out boring, it's going to dampen the mood. In hindsight, fighting to play with the Gameboy was a bad start.

7. Borrowing or using anything that belongs to you without asking.

Finders keepers was so subjective.

These next ones will hit close to home...

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