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10 Songs We Should Never Have Sung In Public, But Were Totally Obsessed With Anyway

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Everyone has a guilty pleasure, and for me it was songs that weren't "cool" or "appropriate" to sing in public.

Singing in front of people is already embarrassing, but there are certain songs you could hum to that wouldn't annoy or make someone uncomfortable.

Here are 10 awesome songs from the '90s and early 2000s that wouldn't even dare to sing in public, even if there were no consequences.

1. "Get Down" By B4-4

Aside from this music video being extremely unsettling (those facial expressions still make me laugh today), "Get Down" was addicting to sing to (in your head.) It's nearly impossible to listen to this early 2000s song without having the desire to dance like crazy. I tried singing the song in front of my mom once and she raised her eyebrows at me when I said, "If you get down on me, I'll get down on you."

2. "Barbie Girl" by Aqua

Only people who were asking to be ridiculed would "sing" this song at school. There are quotation marks around sing because how do you accurately replicate all those voices in the song? Seriously, no one wanted to hear anyone make a stab at it.

3. "Naked" By Spice Girls

Everyone had strong opinions on the Spice Girls. Some people loved them while others hated them with a passion. Whatever the case, no one felt comfortable saying "naked," "undress," and "strip you down" over and over again. Someone had to have a lot of courage to belt out "Don't be afraid to stare, she is only naked." We were all aware that the song has good intentions, but still.

4. "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" By Backstreet Boys

The amount of times I had to bite my tongue from singing the lyrics to this earwormy Backstreet Boys tune is too embarrassing to reveal. Singing this song in public is like asking for a beating. If you had a nice voice, I'm sure you wouldn't get death stares, but if you didn't, singing that chorus probably ruptured someone's eardrum.

5. "...Baby One More Time" By Britney Spears

The '90s "it" girl was not someone you wanted to emulate in public. This song was only meant to be danced to in front of your bedroom mirror.

These next songs are the definition of public embarrassment...

6. "Informer" By Snow

It was borderline offensive to sing this song in public. You couldn't get the words right for the life of you, so it probably sounded like you were stereotyping Jamaicans. Then again, Snow wasn't even Jamaican...

7. "A Thousand Miles" By Vanessa Carlton

Terry Crews gave a certain life to this song in the comedy hit White Chicks. That being said, the song we were secretly obsessed with could only be sung if we were making fun of it. So maybe we could sing this one out in public, but the words were not coming straight from the heart.

8. "Milkshake" By Kelis

We all know what she meant by milkshake... and the yard...

9. "Survivor" By Destiny's Child

No one wants to hear your voice crack as you try to sing the chorus of "Survivor." No one. This was a song you would listen to alone in your room to motivate you to do your homework. I always wondered why school dances played this track.

10. "My Humps" By The Black Eyed Peas

If you have the courage to sing about your "lovely lady lumps," more power to you!

We've compiled all your guilty pleasures in one playlist, so check them out!

Have you tried singing these songs in public before? What kind of reactions did you get?