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5 Of Your Favorite TV Homes Have Been Renovated And Now Look Stunning

Have you ever wondered what the inside of your favorite TV homes look like today? For example, the home in Full House, Mrs. Doubtfire, Sixteen Candles, Friends, and Home Alone look completely different than what they looked like in the movie.The only part of homes that have remained the same are their exteriors. And for some of them, even that has slightly changed. 1. Sixteen CandlesMolly Ringwald starred in the coming-of-age classic Sixteen Candles, which was set in a colonial home in suburban Chicago. The 3,250-square-foot home includes six bedrooms and baths. It sold for more almost $1.


15 Unlikely Uses For Aloe Vera That Will Transform Your Life

Aloe vera is super cheap to buy and can be grown in your home all year round. This "miracle plant" has been used for centuries for medicinal and beauty purposes. It was said to be the secret to Cleopatra's beauty. Believe or not, aloe vera is from the same family as garlic and onions. They are filled with all sorts of vitamins and minerals, contain more than 20 amino acids, and have healing properties that have been tried-and-tested by people around the world. Natural NewsHere are 15 unlikely ways you can take advantage of this plant to help you live


40 Celebrity Prom Photos That Are More Embarrassing Than Your Own

Graduating seniors celebrate by getting all dressed up and dancing the night away with their peers for the last time.It's a night to remember, which is why dozens of photos are taken at prom.  But I'm sure there are some celebrities who wish their prom photos were never leaked online. If you thought your prom photos were awkward, you've seen nothing yet...1. Barack Obama TimeThese four look like they had a grand time at their senior prom. They're draped in leaves and flowers, which means one thing - this photo was taken at a high school in


8 People Who Beat Their Doctor's Expectations And Miraculously Survived

A miracle is an extraordinary event that is usually attributed to a supernatural being. I mean come on, who else could have the ability to bring you back to life? Some things just can't be explained. There are absolutely no words as to how these eight people survived such traumatic incidents. Even their doctors were surprised. 1. Parents prepare to donate teen's organs, but then he wakes from his coma. Today If this story doesn't turn into a Hollywood blockbuster, I don't know what would.Thirteen-year-old Trenton McKinley was riding in a trailer pulled by a go-cart when he suddenly


15 Indoor Plants That Will Bring Positivity And Prosperity Into Your Life

There's a simple way to remove negative energy in your home and invite health, happiness, and wealth. Contrary to popular belief, plants are conscious. It's not just me saying that, researchers have discovered that plants can lose consciousness with the use of anesthetics without dying.With this in mind, just like how people give off certain energies, plants can too. Here are 15 plants you should keep inside your home to bring prosperity in your life. 1. FernsMomfessionalsFerns are fairly easy to grow, but only if they're growing in a relatively humid environment. This plant is known to ward off


15 Celebrities And The Heartbreaking Reason Why They Never Wanted Kids

There have been celebrities like George Clooney who have once said they never see themselves having kids, but then fate propels them onto a different course. Then there are these 15 celebrities who have never wanted to have kids. Their reasons behind being child-free is thought-provoking, and some of them are even heartbreaking. 1. Betty WhiteLife With Dogs The Golden Girls star has been living with one major regret for most of her life, but it has nothing to do with being child-free. White has been married three times. Her first marriage was to pilot Dick Barker in 1945. Their


15 Vine Stars And Their Best Videos That Will Never Stop Making Us Laugh

Twitter didn't just shut down Vine, they shut down our good spirits. Seriously, like everything that brought joy to my life. You can't get six seconds of pure entertainment somewhere else. Even though the Vine app has been shut down, the videos are still on their site. So you know where I'm spending most of my free time. Rewatching these videos are my favorite thing in the world. While we're patiently waiting for Vine to come back (fingers crosses), let's take a look at the biggest Vine superstars and their best video that will never stop making us laugh.  


"White Chicks 2" Is Happening But Not Everyone Is Excited

Where do I start with this 2004 comedy classic? Director Keenen Ivory Wayans's movie White Chicks is the only movie my family and I can agree on. The cast is likable and hilarious, and the plot is basic, but entertaining. Two FBI agent brothers who dress up as pair of twin socialites is comedic genius, but it's the actors that really made the film so lovable. The only thing wrong with this more than decade-old film is that it doesn't have a sequel (yet). Now I know what you're thinking, sequels suck. I'm not a big fan of sequels either,


12 Songs You Heard At Every Party In The 80s That You're Definitely Still Obsessed With

Music from the 80s has stood the test of time, and I'm not saying that because I grew up in that decade. The lyrics were catchy, relatable, and upbeat. They also seemed to have choreography to go with it, and we knew how to dance to them all. We definitely had our priorities straight. For example, which scenario would do you better for the long term: Receiving a perfect grade on one math test or knowing how to moonwalk for the rest of your life. The answer is intuitive. There are so many awesome songs that were played at every


15 Things We All Said In The '80s That Were Like Totally Not Grody

Long before emoticons, we used our words to express every little detail about life in a cool way. Or so we thought? I'm kidding, the 80s were actually the best. So, like, everyone, get ready to ride this roller coaster of nostalgia. It's going to be tubular and super rad! 1. "Bag your face"Having to cover your face with a bag because of people's negative perceptions of your appearance was one of the greatest insults. I ran home crying on many occasions. 2. "Grody to the max"Gross wouldn't suffice. If things were nasty, they were grody ... to the