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10 Things We Did In The School Bathroom, Besides Actually Using It

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It's awfully sad how much I enjoyed going to the school bathroom. There was so much to do there, that is if it didn't smell disgusting. Most of the time they smelled like cleaning products, which wasn't the worst thing ever.

If you think about it, we spent a lot of time in school bathrooms, but what did we actually do there? Here are 10 things we did in a school bathroom, aside from actually using it for its intended purpose.

1. Using it as a hideout

When the weather wasn't great or you just needed some alone time, crouching on a toilet seat was the only thing you could do. I hated going out for recess when it was cold, so I would hideout with a couple friends in a bathroom stall so teachers couldn't find us and force us to go outside.

2. Spending a considerable amount of time looking at yourself

Everyone was guilty of doing this. We didn't have selfies to inflate our egos, but we did have our own minds. If you weren't obsessed with your image in a positive way, then you probably were in a negative way. I had a bad habit of standing in front of the mirror and worrying about the pimples on my face.

3. Drawing competitions

Bathroom stalls were basically canvases. The best part was that your work wasn't going to be graded, so you could draw anything your heart desired.

4. Professing your love to your crush

Drawing a heart and writing your initials and your crush's was what the bathroom was mostly used for. The thing is, your crush would never know that you liked them, but that's probably how you liked it.

5. Wetting toilet paper, adding soap, and throwing it up at the ceiling.

This was a strange trend from back in the day. I'm not sure what led many of us to do this, but it explains why our school janitors hated us.

These next ones are highly relatable!

6. Singing at the top of your lungs

If you went to the bathroom during class hours, you probably had a few minutes to sing at the top of your lungs. The acoustics were great and there was no one around to make fun of you.

7. Talking with your friends

Teachers had their own bathrooms, so there was no chance they would walk in to hear you and your friend's gossiping behind their backs. Also, there was a lot to be said, and when you met your friends in the bathroom, you simply couldn't end the conversation.

8. Fighting someone or watching a fight.

Bathrooms were the only place you weren't under the watchful eyes of adults, so a lot of fights, verbal or physical, went down there. And of course, they were all super entertaining.

9. Just going there 'cause there's nothing better to do.

I remember feeling so restless in class that I'd ask to go to the bathroom just so I could walk in, wet my fingers for no reason, and then walk back to class.

10. Reciting speeches

Whether it was preparing to tell your crush that you love them or reciting a speech for class, the bathroom was a trusty place to get you feeling pumped and ready.

What kinds of things did you do in the bathroom that has nothing to do with actually using it?