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10 Foods We Spat Out Every Time We Tried Them As Kids

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Most kids are picky eaters, even if they don't think they are. The reason for this was because we always ate foods that we liked, and avoided everything that made us want to spit it out.

Whether we love the foods we hated is irrelevant, let's just take a look back at some of the foods we hated with a burning passion.

They may have touched our lips or accidentally slipped into our stomachs, but these foods were on the "Never Try Again" list for years!

1. Brussels sprouts  

I remember my parents forcing me to eat these things (let's be real, was this even considered food?). I don't know what was worse, raw or cooked Brussels sprouts? They made broccoli taste delicious.

2. Weird toppings on pizza

Pizza was what gave us sustenance, but when there was something like olives, mushrooms, pineapples, or some other vegetable on it, we hated it! The worst was when these vegetables or fruit were hidden under the cheese.

3. Non-deep fried seafood

If popcorn shrimp and fish fingers were not on the menu, it was a no thank you.

4. Certain cheeses

All kids LOVE cheese, which is how parents manipulated us into trying cottage or blue cheese. Once you tried these, you probably stopped saying you loved cheese and were much more specific about the things you liked, such as processed cheese and regular mozzarella on pizza and sandwiches. You know, like what every other normal person eats!

5. Asparagus

I still believe that Brussels sprouts and asparagus are cousins in the family tree of leafy greens. This long vegetable had nothing appealing about it when it was cooked. First, it looked like an inedible plant. Second, the top was excruciatingly bitter. Third, the bottom wasn't even chewable.

Keep going to read some of your most hated foods from your childhood!

6. Avocados

It beats me why young people nowadays are obsessed with this tasteless fruit. I'm not even sure if we had the courage to try these as kids, just touching it made us squirm.  

7. Eggplant, zucchini, okra and anything weird like it

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Okay, vegetables weren't our favorite thing in the world, but eggplant, zucchini, and okras were on a whole other level. Eggplants and okras were a pile of mush, and zucchinis were cucumbers gone bad. I rest my case.

8. Dark chocolate

When I was a kid I called them 'bitter blocks' because there's no way that I could spit out chocolate on purpose.

9. Spicy food

What's the point of eating food if you can't even enjoy it. If we wanted to sweat we'd just go jogging.

10. Delicious food smacked between whole wheat bread

Moms always think this trick works to get kids to eat more nutritious bread. The truth is, we dumped that sandwich out and starved until we returned home from school.

Let us know which foods did you hate the most as a kid!