DeLorean Driver Gets The Best Speeding Ticket Ever

Normally getting a speeding ticket is a bad thing, but a Santa Clarita DeLorean owner is actually pretty excited about the ticket he got this week. GiphySpencer White was driving on the 14 Freeway with his mother, when they realized they were going 85 miles per hour. You can probably see where this is going. “My mom, she’s looking at me and she just says, ‘Take it up to 88, let’s do it,” White said.GiphyWhile they didn't break the space-time continuum, they did end up breaking something else - the speed limit. Of course, that was the


Bring Home The Sweetest Creature From Labyrinth With These Amazing Slippers

Labyrinth is one of those movies that just defies expectation. You go in expecting a Muppet-type movie, but instead end up with this completely bizarre and utterly amazing experience that is hard to put into words. David Bowie is perfect in it, all of the characters in the Labyrinth are outstanding and it is just one of the absolute greatest kids movies from the 80s. There are of course a few characters that stand out, like the Goblin King himself, Hoggle, Ludo and even the Fire Gang. One of the best characters only had a short scene, but he is


15 Dogs From Your Childhood That You Wished You Could Have

Dogs are probably the most common item on a Christmas wish list, a birthday wish list or the constant question that parents hear daily. "Can we get a dog?" How many of you asked your mom or dad this question daily? We always claimed we would do all the work and that they would be super good dogs because look at the ones on TV, they were so great! Those of us who loved dogs would watch all the movies and TV shows that had them and didn't understand that they were highly trained. Sometimes we would even use cartoon


It's Almost Been 30 Years Since They Shrunk, But What Do The Kids Look Like Now?

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids is one of those classic movies that just completely swept us away into a crazy world that somehow became believable. Suddenly we all dreamed about eating that giant cookie and assumed our neighbors had shrink rays in their attics. The fact that this ridiculous concept worked so well is probably due to the acting. Sure, we all know that Rick Moranis is a super star and we wish he would come back to acting, but the kids held their own and helped make the movie what it was. Ever wonder what happened to the kids


10 Things You Didn't Know About Jurassic Park

If there was one obsession that united all kids who grew up in the '90s, it was dinosaurs. While animated movies like We're Back and The Land Before Time series helped spark our interest, it was Jurassic Park that cemented our love of dinosaurs, and our dreams of becoming paleontologists. While you might know all about dinosaurs, chances are you've never heard these behind-the-scenes facts about the making of Jurassic Park.Giphy1) Everyone knew the movie was going to be hugeThe bidding war for the right to adapt the novel Jurassic Park started before Michael Crichton was even done writing


What Do All The Kids From Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Look Like Now?

We all watched Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory when we were kids and dreamed about opening up our chocolate bars to find a golden ticket. We all wished that some eccentric candy man would give us the keys to a factory that made the most wonderful things.Unfortunately it never happened for us, but it's probably for the best, as most of us would have fallen into the traps long before we made it to the end. The kids who did get to go to the Wonka factory were such a big part of our childhoods it's normal to be


Everyone Loves Mrs. Doubtfire, But Where Is The Cast Now?

Arguably one of the best family comedies of all time, Mrs. Doubtfire was really just a gift to this world. Robin Williams brings his A-game to a premise that could have gone so very wrong, but instead, it became a classic that is still adored to this day. The movie came out over 20 years ago, but children and adults both love it and for good reason. It is smart and goofy while also managing to be incredibly heartfelt.It's been a while since we last saw the Hillard family, so what are they up to now? Let's find out!