Polly Pockets Are Making A Comeback, But You May Notice They Look A Little Different

If you grew up in the '90s without a Polly Pocket toy, you must have felt something valuable was missing from your childhood. But like all things great, there is always a chance they can make a comeback. Luckily, it seems like this generation is choosing to bring back that awesome '90s vibe. We've been seeing more '90s fashion trends like chokers, scrunchies, and round sunglasses. Now one of our beloved toys is making a comeback: Polly Pockets!  ComplexThese pocket-size cases containing miniature dolls and accessories were every little '90s girl's fantasy. Bluebird Toys launched the first Polly Pocket


Your Old Polly Pocket Sets Could Be Worth Hundreds Of Dollars

Polly Pocket was one of the most popular toys of the 90s. She was this tiny little character who lived in these itty bitty houses that were tucked inside little plastic cases. They each had their own design, whether it was a shell, a heart shape, or a star, but inside was a whole other story. Once you opened the plastic case you would see that it was an entire little dollhouse! FlickrWe all had our favorite, but over the years we outgrew them. Well, it turns out we should have been holding on to them! Polly Pocket may have


Do You Remember Playing With These As A Kid? Because You Wouldn't Recognize Them Now

Being a kid in the 90s meant that we had a lot of awesome clothes, the best Disney movies, and the very best toys. While all the boys were playing with their Mighty Max figures, basically every girl had their own Polly Pocket. EtsyPolly Pocket was amazing. She was such a simple concept that somehow managed to make us all use our imaginations. All they were was the little figures that only moved in one way:EtsyAnd the case that was usually based around a theme: EtsyPolly wasn't a complicated or elaborate toy, but for some reason she still captivated


These Polly Pocket Clothes Are Exactly What Every 90s Girl Needs

We all loved that Polly Pocket purse with all our hearts and wanted to know how else we could incorporate one of our favorite vintage toys into our wardrobe. Luckily, the same company who made that epic bag decided to make a bunch awesome shirts to go with it! So now that you have your awesome and unique bag:Truffle ShuffleYou can go all out with some tank tops:Truffle ShuffleTruffle ShuffleOr T-Shirts:Truffle ShuffleTruffle ShuffleClick to the next page to see even more of the collection! You are also going to need some awesome sweaters to keep warm this


Make Your 90s Dreams Come True With A Polly Pocket Purse

The original Polly Pockets were the absolute best. Sure, they still make them now but they are nothing like what we remember. Instead, we have to settle for out memories and just dream of the days where our cute little doll houses fit in our pockets.Well, not so fast! For everyone who is missing their childhood favorites, a company based in UK has the answer for you. It's the cutest little Polly Pocket themed purse that is in a heart shape so it looks exactly like your old sets! The "Pink Polly Pocket Heart Shaped Cross Body Bag" looks


Check The Attic, Your Old Polly Pocket Toys Are Now Worth A Fortune

When Bluebird released their Polly Pocket line of toys, we would've never guessed they would stick around long enough to be worth a fortune today. The teeny-tiny toys were among some of the hottest children's items in the 80s and 90s, and apparently not much has changed. Every kid owned one of those pastel and jewel-hued sets that housed pocket-sized dolls and accessories that were definite choking hazards, but we didn't care (and apparently neither did our parents). A post shared by polly pocket world shop (@pollypocketworld) on Jan 6, 2018 at 5:32am PST Anyway, over time we outgrew


Polly Pocket Is Going Back To Her Roots With A Brand New 90s-Inspired Collection

Who else remembers growing up when our dream toys were these plastic little compacts that had a whole little world inside?  Those little Polly Pockets were everything we wanted. Even though they were such a simple little concept, they managed to fill our imaginations and we loved them. They had so many different kinds of Polly Pockets. Ones based on movies, ones based on fairy tales, and others that are just fun creations of their own.EtsyWhether we were adventuring with Jasmine and Aladdin in Agrabah or having a fun castle adventure, we managed to see these little peg