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Make Your 90s Dreams Come True With A Polly Pocket Purse

The original Polly Pockets were the absolute best. Sure, they still make them now but they are nothing like what we remember. Instead, we have to settle for out memories and just dream of the days where our cute little doll houses fit in our pockets.

Well, not so fast! For everyone who is missing their childhood favorites, a company based in UK has the answer for you. It's the cutest little Polly Pocket themed purse that is in a heart shape so it looks exactly like your old sets!

The "Pink Polly Pocket Heart Shaped Cross Body Bag" looks liked it is essentially a Polly Pocket container on a chain, except obviously it is not that tiny or plastic. It even has designs on the inside lining that make it look like you could have the play set in there!

It is fully licensed merchandise according to the TruffleShuffe site, which means you aren't going to have it arrive at your house and say Bolly Pocket or anything. It's the real deal!

So the company is based in the UK, but don't worry, they ship internationally! So you can get you perfect purse no matter where you live. It's listed for £37.99 and is expected to become available for purchase soon. Currently the website says it's expected arrival date is June 22nd, 2017 but maybe it will arrive early!

I like that it is actually big enough to hold a few things. It isn't Polly Pocket sized so you will be able to fit more than a credit card for sure! It will be big enough to hold your phone, your wallet and you know what, I bet you could fit a Polly Pocket in there if you really wanted to!

What do you think? Is this something you would be interested in? I am always happy to bring the nostalgia back in a big way!

Do you have a Polly Pocket fan in your life? Share with them so they know they can relive their childhood!

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