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Your Old Polly Pocket Sets Could Be Worth Hundreds Of Dollars

Polly Pocket was one of the most popular toys of the 90s. She was this tiny little character who lived in these itty bitty houses that were tucked inside little plastic cases. They each had their own design, whether it was a shell, a heart shape, or a star, but inside was a whole other story. Once you opened the plastic case you would see that it was an entire little dollhouse!

We all had our favorite, but over the years we outgrew them. Well, it turns out we should have been holding on to them! Polly Pocket may have come back into style, but they drastically changed. The new version isn't nearly as good as the one we grew up with, and apparently everyone else seems to think so too.

The old versions that we grew up loving have been selling for hundreds of dollars online, and you can sell yours too! Check out some of the listings that are available online right now, it will honestly make you want to raid all those boxes of toys in your basement!

If you still have a big collection of Polly Pockets you can sell them for hundreds of dollars! Most people seem to sell them in bit groups, but the amount they go for is pretty impressive!

This lot is going for $650

This one is also $650

If you are lucky enough to have the Polly Pocket Musical Dream Wedding set, it is worth $530

While the Fairy Light Wonderland is worth $525

While you might be thinking that they are just listings and aren't sold, you can actually see that many listings manage to sell for these high prices!

There's a good chunk of change waiting to be made off those Polly Pockets!

Are you going to go sell yours now?

Do you have any Polly Pockets hiding in your attic or basement?