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Check The Attic, Your Old Polly Pocket Toys Are Now Worth A Fortune

When Bluebird released their Polly Pocket line of toys, we would've never guessed they would stick around long enough to be worth a fortune today.

The teeny-tiny toys were among some of the hottest children's items in the 80s and 90s, and apparently not much has changed. Every kid owned one of those pastel and jewel-hued sets that housed pocket-sized dolls and accessories that were definite choking hazards, but we didn't care (and apparently neither did our parents).

Anyway, over time we outgrew these fun toys, and while some of our sets ended up in our parent's attics, others became trash. Turns out, some of us shouldn't have gotten rid of our beloved Polly Pocket toys, because not only is it making a comeback as of late, the older toys are considered hot commodity on auction sites!

If you're one of the lucky ones who can still locate your once-loved dolls, sets, and accessories, now's the time bring them out because they fetch you a ton of money. We're talking hundreds of dollars, maybe even thousands.

Let's find out which ones are worth putting up for sale, shall we?

1989-1990 House and Shops Set - $599

1995 Enchanted Storybook Sparkling Mermaid Adventure - $495

Vintage Bluebird Compacts - $615

1996 Sealed Jewel Case - $1,955

Polly Pocket Wedding Set - $3,300

Bluebird sold Polly Pockets to Mattel in 1998, so items made after 1998 may be even more valuable. Original packaging and toys with a hinge also tend to fetch more money, according to On Air With Ryan.

In the U.K., some people have made bids of  $100,000 for some of the rarer sets!

If you're worried that people wouldn't buy these miniature toys, you shouldn't be because bidders are actually interested in them regardless of the high prices.


Do you have any of these old Polly Pocket toys? Let us know in the comments!