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These Polly Pocket Clothes Are Exactly What Every 90s Girl Needs

We all loved that Polly Pocket purse with all our hearts and wanted to know how else we could incorporate one of our favorite vintage toys into our wardrobe. Luckily, the same company who made that epic bag decided to make a bunch awesome shirts to go with it!

So now that you have your awesome and unique bag:

You can go all out with some tank tops:

Or T-Shirts:

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You are also going to need some awesome sweaters to keep warm this winter!

This isn't the only company that is bringing your nostalgia back to your closet. Other companies have made some other awesome Polly Pocket themed attire.

Like this shirt:

Or this awesome design:

Or this super cute one:

If none of these clothing options work for you, you can always just get yourself a sticker and represent in a bit more of a subtle way:

Which of these options do you like the most? If you want even more nostalgic styles, check out the line of clothing made by Lisa Frank!

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