12 Things From The '90s You Have To Explain To Your Kids

Ahhhh, the good ol' 90s. Full of surprise events and crazy products that had us scratching our heads. Now it's time to pass on the wisdom. You'll have to explain everything to your kids, but here are 12 things they're going to be really confused about. As a parent, it's your job to clear things up. 1. This monstrosity: Dance Music NWThere's no denying that these were comfortable, but how was this fashionable? Looking like I'm wearing my older brother's jeans is by no means attractive. 2. The floppy disk. YouTubeNo kids, it's not the save button. How many times


15 Pictures That Prove Your Childhood Was Nothing More Than Average

Our average childhood life conditions were out of our hands. It was our parents who bought the house we lived in, the car we drove in, the things we ate, which ultimately influenced the things we did and how we lived our lives. The only "luxury" we had was our health, and we only had that if we didn't get sick from the not so great food we ate. Here are 15 pictures that prove your childhood was just average, aka a little bit of a struggle. 1. Saying "I can't wait until summer" just meant you're probably going to


Watch: TV Hosts Are Baffled By The Internet In This Throwback Clip

Way back in the olden days of 1994, if you were already surfing the web you were probably using Netscape Navigator on your family's AOL subscription. Which is a nice way of saying you were a big nerd.I don't know what the "internet" is, but it looks painful.TimeThe worldwide web was gaining popularity fast, but judging by these reactions from The Today Show, it wasn't exactly mainstream just yet. After the hosts try their best to work out how exactly you pronounce "@," Bryant Gumbel vents his frustration over the newfangled technology."What is the


The Ultimate 'Mork & Mindy' Fact List That Proves You Don't Know Shazbot

Robin Williams has left his mark on this world as a figure of life, energy, and happiness. While we mostly know him from his zany movie roles, we often overlook the time he truly did come from another planet!The hit show Mork & Mindy was a short-lived sitcom that has spawned a ton of cultural references that everyone repeats, but not many people seem to know the origin of. If you're looking to learn exactly where those rainbow suspenders came from, or if you remember watching this when it was still on TV, buckle up, because we're crash-landing this list