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12 "Adult" Moments In Classic Disney Movies You Totally Missed As A Kid

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Disney pretty much defined all of our childhoods thanks to their beloved, amazing movies that not only entertained us with their gorgeous animation, but also through morally upright messages that taught kids things like persevering through hardship and doing the right thing.

However, Disney also seemed very aware that there were adults watching these with their kids, so they had a tendency to sneak some more... "adult" humor into their movies where they could. In the case of these 12 moments, it's a miracle we never caught on as kids.

How about when the twin cars flash their headlights at Lightning McQueen. Get it?


It took me years before I found out why the girls all hated Aladdin so much.


Genie had some pretty risqué lines (though what do you expect from Robin WIlliams?)


Of course, there's this message hidden in The Lion King that everyone's heard of.


There's that Mulan lyric that we never realized was about sex.


Miss Piggy was definitely getting around more than we realized.


Keep reading for more inappropriate moments you missed as a kid...

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