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15 Pictures That Prove Your Childhood Was Nothing More Than Average

Curbside Classic / Eater

Our average childhood life conditions were out of our hands. It was our parents who bought the house we lived in, the car we drove in, the things we ate, which ultimately influenced the things we did and how we lived our lives.

The only "luxury" we had was our health, and we only had that if we didn't get sick from the not so great food we ate.

Here are 15 pictures that prove your childhood was just average, aka a little bit of a struggle.

1. Saying "I can't wait until summer" just meant you're probably going to spend most of your time here:

Facebook: Average Life Goals

2. The after-dinner hang out spot.

3. Unless you ate these regularly. Then you'd just eat your TV dinner in front of the small screen.

4. You had to get super creative when you ran out of hamburger buns.

5. You owned one of these "luxury" cars.

6. This is how you took a selfie.

Of course, you likely had to borrow a flip phone from a friend.  

Keep reading, it just gets more relatable from here!

7. Your entire kitchen was filled with either yellow No Name or white Great Value items.

No name meant no taste.

8. This was your China set.

9. The best/only birthday present.

10. Your home office vibe.

Everything seems to be in the right place...?

11. In your eyes, this wasn't a bath. It was a spa.

12. This has lunch written all over it.

13. This is the place you met all your friends...

14. Only to get to this place.

15. If by some miracle your parents took you on a family trip and you checked into a hotel, this was always your room's view.

How average was your life? Let us know how many of these photos you could relate to!