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15 Parts Of Every Day Life That People Born After The '90s Already Don't Remember

The world is constantly changing around us, and nowadays, things that seem like a regular part of our daily lives end up disappearing in the span of years, not decades.

As a result, tons of things we remember being a big part of our lives in the 90s have already long since disappeared, and in the case of these 15, most people nowadays would look at us like we have two heads if we brought them up.

Remember when all movies and games had to go through channel 3?


Or when you needed an actual physical book to know when your favorite show was going to be on?


Actually needing a MAP in your car!


Ordering things from commercials was a surprisingly common thing.

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Needing a metric ton of burned CDs in your car for road trips.


Making collect calls when you had no money.


Or for that matter, using a payphone EVER.


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Worrying about the one time you didn't wait to shut down your computer.


When your phone could go a week without a charge and also probably withstand a gunshot.


Being able to listen to a CD at the store before you bought it.


Spending money on ringtones.


Actually having to type "www." before a website name.


Having to get up halfway through the movie to swap tapes.


Needing to take film to get developed before you could see your photos.


Forgetting to tape the episode of your favorite show, meaning it was gone forever.


Which of these do you remember dealing with the most?