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Stirrup Pants Are Back In Style And We Don't Know How To Feel About It

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We've all been there, the mall with our moms impatiently waiting to go to the toy section. She wants us to buy some new pants for school because we tore three holes in them last week.

She says you have to try things on because you are growing too fast and she isn't sure what size you are, but honestly, there is nothing you want to do less than that. You rush through everything quickly, finding the size you need and then it isn't until years later when you look at the pictures of your childhood that you realize what happened.

Stirrup pants. They happened. We all wore them, whether we realized it at the time or not, these ridiculous leggings with the straps on the bottom would become our nemesis.

For some reason, these equestrian-style leggings became all the rage. We were all wearing them even though so many of us had never been on a horse. I will admit, that when I did go to my aunt's farm and had to put on boots to ride her horses, these pants made it very easy, however I take issue with wearing them elsewhere.

I didn't just wear them on the farm, I wore them everywhere because they were what I owned. The only thing was that I didn't really understand what I was doing fashion-wise because I was a child, and half of the time I just thought the foot straps were annoying so I would unhook them.

Maybe I am the only person to have committed this fashion faux-pas, but I would walk around with these leggings with the straps dangling in the back, or resting on the top of my bulky running shoes. It's reasons like this that I get a little jealous of how cool kids these days dress. We were all such messes!

I get that some people liked them, I am sure there were times that even I liked them, but the fact is, they were a confusing fashion trend at the time. But get ready for it, because stirrup pants are back in style...

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