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Lip Smacker's New Christmas Collection Brings Back Your 90s Favorites. All Of Them.

Instagram - Lip Smacker Brand

If there was one product that you had to pick that would best represent what it was like to be a preteen in the 90s, I think a lot of us girls would agree that Lip Smackers would be the best choice.

These little tubes of oftentimes glittered, scented, colorful lip-balm made us all feel like the fanciest of ladies, totally ready to grab our purses and do whatever it is that our moms did when they weren't paying attention to us.

You had so many different choices too. You'd have a classic berry scented red Lip Smacker, you'd have one that smelled like watermelons and would be embedded with glitter, and you'd probably have one or two that claimed to smell like Dr. Pepper.

No matter which option was your favorite, it was the closest thing you had to wearing makeup, and it made you feel like a movie star.

It's not like Lip Smackers have gone anywhere. Every time you go to Walmart or Target you can find a few in the makeup aisles set up to try and give the new generation of 12-year-olds a chance at that same glamorous feeling, but chances are you aren't buying any.

There's something about the product that has been deemed as childish, and while we may not like it, most of us avoid buying them in favor of something a little bit more hydrating or with a pop of color.

Well, it's time to get over your hang-ups because Lip Smackers has made something just for us. The holiday season always feels as though it's the one time of year where it's acceptable to get lost in the whimsy and act a bit like a kid again.

You get to be excited about gifts, decorations, and cookies, not caring that it sounds immature because most people are feeling that same joy. So you know what, if there was ever a time to revisit your former love Lip Smacker, it's now.

The company has decided to help us kids-at-heart by creating a Lip Smackers advent calendar for Christmas 2018.

The twelve days of Christmas each get their own little tube of nostalgia, surprising you each day with a new retro flavor that'll make you feel like you're heading off to school with the best look ever.

But that's not all they've got for you. If patience and surprises aren't for you, they've also created collectible Lip Balm Vaults that feature all the original flavored Lip Smackers in cute little tins.

You can get a set of 10 Lip Smackers for $10, or a set of 24 for $20 at Target. You'll be able to once again be able to moisturize your lips with Skittles-scented lip balm, and you know what, you don't have to feel silly about it.

It's Christmas (okay, it's still early but work with me) and you get to be as silly and whimsical as you want.

Or, maybe you've been awesome all along and have been continuing to wear Lip Smackers because who cares! Either way, it's a smoking deal, and I'm ready to once again feel like a kid while I keep my lips from getting all dry this winter!

Source - Bustle / Delish

What was your favorite Lip Smacker flavor?