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Cardigans Are Apparently Back In Style But The 90s Totally Did It Better

If we are being perfectly honest here, I didn't know cardigans ever really went out of style. Sure, people don't really wear them the same way as they used to, but there's still plenty available.

But the thing is, the 90s were a prime time for sweater sets and cardigans. Not only were they available in a million color options, but they had a bunch of different designs and patterns that became popular.

It seemed like every person had one either wrapped around their shoulders or wore it as a crop top in the 90s.

Now they are apparently "back in style," which kind of confuses me because like I said, I never realized they were gone. But it seems like Vogue says they are the perfect summer purchase.

These "sexy cardigans" are back as a way to bring an extra layer with you for when it cools down a bit, or to add some extra interest over clothes.

But let's be real here, no one will ever top the 90s cardigans. I mean, look at the level of style these icons had!

Carlton Banks

Carlton Banks

Sure, he spent most of his time with it wrapped around his neck, but give him a break, he lived in Bel-Air and it's hot there.

He was probably the most preppy character to ever grace our TVs and he had a cardigan collection that would rival Mr. Rogers'.

Sabrina Spellman

Sabrina Spellman

Her clothes were always pretty on point with the trends, and she wasn't above the occasional cardigan or sweater set.

I wonder if Salem was jealous that she had a sweater with dogs on it and not cats though...

Basically everyone on 'Friends'


This picture may only show off Monica's cardigan, but each and every one of them wore one at one point during the show's run.

Chandler was a big fan of the wool sweater vest, which I personally feel falls into the same category. As for the rest, there's no doubt in my mind they wore a cardigan at some point in the 10-year run.

'Empire Records' cast

Empire Records
Warner Bros.

Both A.J and Gina wear very 90s-style cardigans. A.J's is the classic "grunge" cardigan that was super baggy with huge sleeves. It's something you would expect Kurt Cobain to wear. Actually, looking at it closer I think I've seen pictures of Kurt Cobain in that exact cardigan.

Empire Records Gina
Warner Bros.

Gina's was a lot tighter but she has so much confidence, and she makes it look so cool.

'The Parent Trap' Twins

The Parent Trap
Buena Vista Pictures

A cardigan was a common outfit choice of Annie, and once the twins reunited there is a good chance they would continue to share clothes.

Tai Frasier

Paramount Pictures

After Cher and Dionne gave her a makeover, Tai traded in her flannels for some cardigans. She embraced her new preppy style but by the end she was much more herself.

The 'Jawbreaker' Girls

TriStar Pictures

Apparently it's not just the preppy kids who wore cardigans, the murderous teens did too.

Mary Jensen

There's Something About Mary
20th Century Fox

While it's the notorious hairstyle we remember from this movie, Cameron Diaz is often wearing a cardigan in the movie.

'The Craft'

The Craft
Columbia Pictures

Three out of four witches agree, cardigans are the way to go.

Donna Martin


Donna Martin always seemed to have this innocence to her style, and it seems like the cardigans really helped to accent it.

No matter who your cardigan inspiration was in the 90s, I think we can all agree that having them back feels like greeting an old friend who had been out of town for a while.

10 Things I Hate About You
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Do you think you're going to be heading out and looking for some new cardigans? Or were you like me and never really stopped wearing them in the first place?

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