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10 Iconic Toys From Your Childhood That You Couldn't Live Without

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Let's be honest for a second, it's the internet, there is no one here to judge you. When you were growing up, what did you care the most about?

Was it your family? No, that's just what you said near Christmas so you would get good gifts. Was it your friends? No, they weren't always there for you when you needed them. The thing we all cared about more than anything was our elaborate and extensive toy collections.

Sure, does that make us all a little bit materialistic and selfish? Probably. But those are the facts and there's not much we can do to change the way we thought when we were young, and obviously now we know what really matters.

Even though we have now grown up into less greedy little monsters, it's still fun to look back on the time when we could be purely selfish and become tiny dragons hoarding their treasure. A lot of us had the same things in our collections, and these were the items that we were the most excited about.

1. Monchhichi

These little monkeys were so important to us. Were they monkeys? Or were they tiny babies in monkey costumes? Either way, everyone had to have one (or more than one) of these little things.

Most of the time you'd end up receiving a bunch of them as gifts, often wearing different outfits, and you loved all of them like they were your hair little children.

2. Cabbage Patch Kids

Getting your first real Cabbage Patch doll was an actual huge deal. You would peel back the wrapping paper on your birthday or Christmas to reveal the sweet little face you had been wishing for and then you were immediately in love.

The exciting thing about Cabbage Patch Kids is that they have their little birth certificate so that's how you learn their birthdate and their name and it was just such a wonderful moment.

3. Backflipping Puppy

Maybe it was just me, but I think a lot of kids out there were absolutely obsessed with the idea of getting their own dog. How did our parents try to combat that when they didn't want to adopt a new family member? Well, they kept our toy boxes stocked with a bunch of different stuffed animals to try and fill the void.

The backflipping puppies probably had a real name, but I think we all know the ones I mean. You would turn it on, it would make this high pitched squeaky bark and it could walk a few steps before it would sit down to prepare for a backflip.

I don't think I ever appreciated the physics of the toy until now, because I don't know about you but mine made the jump roughly 99% of the time unless there was something in the way. The fact that toy makers could engineer something that kids would think is cute but also make it reliable is really pretty impressive.

Those aren't the only toys that made a huge impact on our lives...

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