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25 Bridesmaids Dresses That'll Actually Make You Glad The 80s Are Over


Listen, getting married in the 80s was kind of wild. Not only did you have to deal with the big hair, mullets, and mustaches, but the fashion was a whole other bag of worms.

There was no way to predict how insane the dresses were going to look, but it was always safe to assume they would be pretty wild.

Puffy sleeves, shiny fabric, and a lot of ruffles seemed to be the norm at the time. Let's not forget that return to the Victorian era that saw women trying to dress like an old-time princess.

But, we brave the day and wore the dresses, because that's what good friends do. Looking back, some brides may realize the error of their ways, but honestly, it was the style at the time so you can't really blame them.

Even if we don't blame them, we can laugh at how ridiculous some of these dresses really were. You can still buy a lot of them used, which is perfect if you ever need a costume for an 80s theme party!

1. "You know, two of these puffy shoulders might be too much, lets just keep it at one," said by someone in the design studio (probably).

2. You know what fabric would be best? One that wrinkled easily and stayed that way forever.

3. For when you want to look "pretty in pink."

4. You've got the best of both worlds here, not only does it have that fabric that sounds like a parachute, but you've got the velvet to warm up your core!

5. The bigger the sleeves... I don't actually know the logic behind it...

6. Do you want to look like you belong on the set of Dallas? Boy, do I have a dress for you!

7. If your shiny dress didn't have a bow, was it really from the 80s?

8. See what I mean? Big sleeves? Check. Shiny fabric? Check. Big ol' bow? CHECK!

9. I actually think I owned one almost identical to this style as a kid...

10. Ruffled collars and hoop skirts made all those wedding pictures look like they were from a long, long time ago.

11. If you've ever wanted to dress like a Barbie, or maybe like Sleeping Beauty, this is the perfect dress!

12. Sure, you've seen a lot of shiny options, but they weren't all there was. You can't forget the florals. Why? Because they are burned into our brains.

13. The idea of tiny roses just sitting there on your shoulders may not seem ideal now, but it was absolutely a big deal in the 80s

14. Dropped waists that came to a point were such a weird choice that all of us made. Why did we do that?

15. This is very similar to the dress my mom wore to my aunt's wedding I think...

16. They call the color of this one "Sharkskin" so why wouldn't you want that?

17. Okay, I was mistaken before, this was the exact dress me and my sister both had (only in kid's sizes) for Christmas one year.

18. There's a lot going on in this one, I honestly can't decide what to look at first...

19. You've got to balance out those enormously exaggerated shoulders with an equally enormous bow.

20. Off the shoulder with a big rose in the middle is just so 80s it almost hurts. But the kind of hurt where it makes you nostalgic and happy.

21. This one kind of reminds me of Ariel's dress when she goes to live at Prince Eric's castle.

22. When one ruffle won't suffice, just keep adding more.

23. Sometimes you can't decide between a puffy sleeve or a velvet sleeve, so why not have both?

24. Honestly, of all the options this isn't all THAT bad... Right?

25. Last but certainly not least, this holographic purple number is... Well, it's something.

Did you have to wear a bridesmaid dress in the 80s? If you want to send me pictures, I would absolutely LOVE to see them!