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Jeff Goldblum Talks 'Jurassic Park' 25 Years Later, Because Life Finds A Way

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Jurassic Park is perhaps one of the finest movies of all time. The story is wild and action-packed, the characters are incredible, and the dinosaurs were so well done that it all felt so real to us.

We could feel the terror the kids were feeling in that kitchen, we could feel the horror Ellie felt when she found Ray Arnold in that dark room, and most importantly we could feel that pure, raw, (somewhat unexpected) energy that Dr. Ian Malcolm was giving while he lay injured on a table.

Did he need to pose like that? Probably not. Are we glad he did? 300% yes.

Jurassic Park Jeff Goldblum
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Well, Dr. Malcolm is back in the newest Jurassic World movie that is coming out in just a few short weeks, and honestly we couldn't be happier about it.

The first Jurassic World was pretty good, but you know what it was missing? Goldblum. Jeff Goldblum makes everything better. He even makes a giant pile of dino-dung into an iconic moment. Not many people can do that!

Goldblum recently met up with Huffington Post to discuss his time as a doctor of chaos, and he was ready to answer all their questions (no matter how silly).

First up was why there was a cliff in the T-Rex scene that didn't look like it was there before?

Jurassic Park cliff
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Dr. Alan Grant ends up having to rappel down a cliff while a T-Rex chased him, but it was a little confusing because before it had looked like a flat area. But don't worry, Goldblum was ready to defend his movie and his director.

“I’m sure Mr. Steven Spielberg, in the geographical telling-establishing of the story, [decided] there’s a surprise.

"If we don’t establish the whole topography at first, it’s to enhance the surprise. Just off that paddock, that T. rex paddock, there was a rather sharp drop. It’s possible we come across those things in real life. I guess that’s what happened on Isla Nublar in that case.”

So there you have it, it was done on purpose to raise those heart rates.

Second of all, why didn't anyone eat their fancy lunch?

Jurassic Park
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Goldblum calls this the "mystery Easter egg" that he said no one noticed before. However I don't know that his answer is really cannon in Spielberg's eyes.

“That’s an excellent question. You’re the only person to have uncovered a mystery, an Easter egg of some kind.”

“I wonder ... Well, our conversation [in the scene] is so compelling, maybe after you see us talk — we jawbone for a little bit — we get to eat that sea bass."

"But you know, probably for my character, this is no occasion for just casual bourgeois fine dining. I probably have — uh, uh — a morsel in my pocket or two. I keep grazing on something healthy.”

Why was Dr. Ian Malcolm - a mathematician - even there?

Jurassic Park Helicopter Scene
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It makes sense that Dr. Grant is there, he's a paleontologosit, and Dr. Sattler is there because she's a paleobotanist, but why is Dr. Malcolm, the mathematician, invited to join in? Well, it's all because of the chaos.

“I believe the idea ― if you revisit the Michael Crichton book, which was gorgeous ― the idea in those movies is that John Hammond wanted people to sign off and give their OK on this, including a paleontologist, a botanist ... and I think they wanted me there because [of] chaos theory."

"I was a chaotician. I specialized in systems theories, I believe, and I was to sort of assess, I think, the safety aspects, all the different iterations of what could happen in a park like this."

“And of course, I came up with some harsh analysis. My chaos theory says that you don’t know. It’s going to be unpredictable, and prepare for the worst, and I was right.”

What happened to Ian Malcolm's daughter Kelly?

Jurassic Park Kelly
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Kelly was a big part of The Lost World: Jurassic Park because she sneaks her way onto her dads second visit to a dinosaur infested island. He doesn't want to be there, and he definitely doesn't want his daughter to be there, but together they both survive. So when asked what she's doing now he had some thoughts.

“I’ve imagined that the two of us have become even closer, and I supported all her empowerment and freedom and glorious talents."

“You know, I think she’s done some more physical things with her prodigious gifts and intellectual pursuits too. She can do anything. I don’t know what they’re cooking up for a possible third [“Jurassic World” movie], who’s going to be involved, but if she or I or anyone from the Malcolm family could contribute in any way, we’d be of humble service.”

It would definitely be nice to see what happened to Kelly, so maybe if they keep making more Jurassic World movies they can fit her in.

And finally, they asked him about the big ol' pile of poop

Jurassic Park Dino Poop
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That's right, a real interview asked iconic actor why there wasn't more dino poop in the movies. You'd think with that many dinosaurs running around they would have had a lot more of those giant piles. But Goldblum had an answer for that too.

“Uh, well, you’re right. I’ll bet logic demands that we proudly could’ve, should’ve, run into more poop."

"But these movies are not basically scatological. There’s no big theme of scatology. So I think just the one reference [in ‘Jurassic Park’] was probably enough. Poetical license demanded it.”

Jurassic Park Jeff Goldblum
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So Jeff Goldblum proved that he is the most gracious and wonderful human ever by indulging us with all these weird questions, and honestly we couldn't be more grateful that he exists.

Are you going to go see the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom when it comes out? At least for Jeff goldblum's sake right?

The movie was iconic, but there's probably a lot you don't know about the original Jurassic Park.

But let's be honest, Jeff Goldblum is the best part of the movie, and the fact that he continues to be so willing to talk about it is amazing.

Source - Huffington Post