Seeing What Went On Behind-The-Scenes Of "Dinosaurs" Proves They Just Don't Make Shows Like They Used To

The 90s can definitely be considered an era of strange, yet wonderful television. And the champion of the strange and wonderful had to be the iconic show Dinosaurs. Jim Henson had created these anthropomorphic reptiles just before he passed away, and the producers decided to bring the show to life after his death.The show centered around the Sinclair family; Earl, Fran, Robbi, Charlene, Baby, and of course Fran's ancient mother, Ethyl. twitter.comA lot more went into making the show than you would think, and the level of commitment the puppeteers had to make is absolutely astounding. Imagine having

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Someone Combined 'Jurassic Park' With The Show 'Dinosaurs' And We Can't Stop Laughing

Dinosaurs are easily one of the coolest things to have ever roamed this planet. That's just a true fact. They were these enormous, interesting, and almost mysterious creatures that we still don't know all the facts about because they were around millions of years ago. Jurassic Park WikiIn the 90s, there were a lot of different shows and movies that focused on dinosaurs, and they were all pretty fantastic. The Land Before Time, Jurassic Park, and Dinosaurs were absolute perfection. NerdistOne amazing, clever, and wonderful human named Jen Lewis decided that having all these dinosaur properties is great and all,


You Would Never Guess What Went On Behind The Scenes Of This Crazy 90s Show

Dinosaurs was one of the strangest but most wonderful TV shows of the 90s. Jim Hensen developed an anthropomorphic dinosaur family just before he passed away, and after his death the show ended up getting made so we got to witness all of its greatness. The Sinclair family contained Earl, Fran, Robbi, Charlene and Baby along with Fran's mother Ethyl and they were all fantastic. The dinosaurs themselves were quite impressive. They were huge costumes that were worn but the puppet heads moved a lot and made them look pretty great. Seeing the actors in these costumes must have been