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The First Look Of The New Sonic Movie Is Here And People Just Spilled Their Rings

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We've seen these video game movies come and we've seen them go, but how often have they actually succeeded? Not a lot, right?

Well, whether it's the best idea or not, the powers that be have decided to bring one of the most iconic video game characters to the big screen once again. Sonic the Hedgehog has his very own movie coming out next November with Ben Schwartz voicing him, but now that the first poster is here, everyone is talking.

Now, the thing is, the poster that everyone has seen isn't even a real look at the design. It's a blue-lit silhouette, but that hasn't stopped anyone from voicing their concerns.

From the shape of his legs to the shoes on his feet, people have opinions on it all.

The human-like body on the hedgehog have made some fans feel uneasy.

This assessment in particular made me chuckle.

Other people tried to use logic to justify their choices, but even logic couldn't make them like the look of this ... "creature."

Other people are concerned over the sound effects.

Even though it seems like most people hate the look of it, there are some people who are excited for it anyways.

While others are... let's say "less than optimistic."

Well, here's the full sneak peak including Sonic zooming around in the background. Watch it for yourself and let us know what you think!

Source - Twitter / IGN

Personally, I find it really weird, but I guess we won't know until we see the full reveal. Are you a fan, or do you hate it?