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Are Your Opinions Of 80s Movies Garbage? Vote Here To Find Out!

We all have our favorite movies, but how many of us share the same ones? There's a lot of choices out there, but some are more popular than others, whether it's because they have certain actors, a specific theme, or a common director.

There is no real way to decide which is the best, but there is a very easy way to decide which movies are the most popular!

Vote below to pick out your favorite movies from these specific categories and see if your opinions match the majority or if you are truly unique!

Best Robot Movie?

Robots are pretty much a staple in an 80s movie. Whether they are the main character, or the main villain, robots are the greatest. Personally I will always hold Short Circuit near and dear to my heart but how about you, which is your favorite?

Best John Hughes Movie?

These teen movies were some of the most iconic movies of the 80s. The Brat Pack was everywhere and no one could stop them. Which was your favorite?

Best Tom Cruise Movie?

Before he did the whole Scientology thing, or the jumping on the couch thing, Tom Cruise was one of the biggest stars of the 80s. But which role was his best?

Best Dance Movie?

Whether it was movie about a school of talented kids, or a town where dancing is forbidden, dance movies seemed to pop up an awful lot in the 80s. Which did you love the most?

Best Live-Action Kids Movie?

Kids had a lot to choose from in the 80s. There was something for everyone whether it was an alien from outer-space, a spooky maze or some very vicious little monsters, you could find something great to watch.

Best Cartoon Movie?

Whether you wanted live-action or cartoons, there was something for you. Disney was everywhere, Don Bluth movies were everywhere, and everything was awesome.

Best Romantic Movie?

Sometimes you just needed something that would make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It didn't matter if it was about a person trapped in a mannequin's body, two friends who fall in love, or a princess named Buttercup, sometimes you need a little love in your life! Which was the best?

There are a lot of categories still left to cover, but was your favorite movie on any of these lists? Share with your friends to see if their movie taste is as good as yours.