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Bring Home The Sweetest Creature From Labyrinth With These Amazing Slippers

Labyrinth is one of those movies that just defies expectation. You go in expecting a Muppet-type movie, but instead end up with this completely bizarre and utterly amazing experience that is hard to put into words.

David Bowie is perfect in it, all of the characters in the Labyrinth are outstanding and it is just one of the absolute greatest kids movies from the 80s.

There are of course a few characters that stand out, like the Goblin King himself, Hoggle, Ludo and even the Fire Gang. One of the best characters only had a short scene, but he is finally getting the love he deserves.

The Worm, who only appears for a brief moment, has been given an excellent piece of merchandise that you are absolutely going to want.

If you don't remember him, he is the cute little blue worm who quietly says "Ello" when he comes across a distraught Sarah. He offers her tea to try and comfort her and is the one to help her realize that "things are not always what they seem".

Now, don't hold it against him that sends her in the wrong direction, he doesn't really know that she wants to go to the castle.

Well, now you can have your very own pair of Worms to have a cup of tea with. ThinkGeek has made some adorable little plush slippers that look just like the little Worm! They are one size fits all, complete with his super stylish red scarf and blue hair.

You can add this to your collection of memorabilia along with the Labyrinth board game and door knocker!

What do you think? Care for a cup of tea while wearing these? Share with a fan of the movie and see if they would wear them!