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Mannequin Was One Of The Best Movies Of The 80s, But Where Are They Now?

The 1987 classic romantic comedy Mannequin proved that love is enough to perform some pretty impressive magic, at least in a Hollywood movie. The story is a bit bizarre (like all 80s movies) but it's still amazingly wonderful and hilarious even though it makes almost no sense.

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To try to explain the plot is a bit tricky, but I will give it a try. Emmy is a young woman who travels through time. She finally turns up in the body of a mannequin being made by Jonathan. She comes to life when only he is around and they get into all kinds of shenanigans like a big fashion montage, indoor hang gliding and eventually fall in love. They make really cool window displays and that's enough to make the competition try to steal her so the store windows won't be as impressive. It's a lot better than it sounds, I promise.

This movie came out 30 years ago, so what have the stars been up to since? Let's find out!

Christopher Maher - Amand

Armand was one of the worst characters in any movie ever. He was gross, creepy and awful and I hated him. The actor himself is just lovely I am sure, and has been acting fairly consistently since. His last role was in 2014 in State of Affairs.

G.W. Bailey - Felix

Well known for his role in the Police Academy, he has continued acting successfully for years. He was in the show The Closer for several seasons and is currently in Major Crimes. Apparently he is a big fan of the uniform!

James Spader - Richards

Honestly I didn't realize this was James Spader until I read it. I feel like now Spader has quite the reputation but in this movie he was just a big ol' goofball. He has gone on to do a bunch of shows like Boston Legal, The Office, and The Blacklist. He also was the voice of Ultron in the last Avengers movie.

To find out what the rest of the cast has been up to, head to the next page!

Meshach Taylor - Hollywood Montrose

Easily the most amazing part of the movie, I still can't say the word Hollywood without saying how he does in this movie. He went on to be in the show Designing Women and was even nominated for an Emmy for his role. Unfortunately he passed away in 2014.

Kim Catrall - Emmy

Kim Catrall is obviously super famous after playing Samantha in Sex and the City. She was just wonderful in this movie and was all kinds of confident even though she was technically an inanimate object for almost half of the movie.

Andrew McCarthy - Jonathan Switcher

He has been in a a lot of stuff since this movie came out including Weekend at Bernie's. Since then, he has still been acting in a lot of roles but he has also started directing a lot - including episodes of Orange is the New Black.

Can you believe this movie came out 30 years ago?

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