Her Rescue Captivated The World, 30 Years Later She's No Longer 'Baby' Jessica

On October 14, 1987, Jessica McClure was probably the most talked about person in the world. Known as "Baby Jessica," she made headlines at 18-months old when she fell into a well in the backyard of her aunt's house in Midland, Texas. Rescuers took about 58 hours to retrieve her, while the world rooted for her. She remained without food or water the whole time but by some miracle, she was alive when she was pulled out of the 8-inch well. Getty 30 years later, the world is still curious about Baby Jessica and she is answering questions about her


25 Embarassing Prom Photos Celebrities Don't Want You To See

Do you remember your prom? It comes at a time in your life where all your hormones are going crazy and big changes are happening in your life. You're about to graduate from high school and move on to the next phase of your life! What better way to prepare for that then to buy an expensive dress or wear a fancy suit and dance the night away? Sometimes it's easy to see glamorous celebrities as the perfect creatures who look amazing all the time and are somehow ageless. Well, that's because you haven't seen these pictures yet. Prom photos


13 Things Kids Today Can't Recognize

The world is very convenient for kids today. Almost everything is instant, computers have made life a lot easier, and there are lots more ways to keep yourself entertained and distracted all the time.But if you grew up before all of that, you know that things weren't worse, they were just different. Take the grocery store for instance. Self-checkouts are supposed to make things easier, but now we can't interact with the cashiers anymore. If you can remember a simpler time, you'll probably recognize these 13 objects that we don't use anymore. Some have been replaced by new technology,


This Retro Toy Catalog Will Make You Wish It Was 1982

They say you don't really know everything you have until it's gone, and that couldn't be more true. Just think of all the awesome toys we lost over the years!I mean, what would you give for the chance to have your old Transformers back again? How about those He-Man action figures you collected? We can't bring back all those treasures from your childhood, but we have the next best thing: a guided tour through the toy section from JCPenney's 1982 Christmas catalog.You'll be surprised how many of your favorite 80s toys are still around, and which ones you've


26 Pictures Everyone From The 90s Will Remember

A picture is worth 1000 words. A picture from the 90s is worth 1000 words and an onslaught of nostalgia. From school habits, to snack foods, to fashion sense, the 90s had some extremely unique aspects to it. Scroll through all these pictures and be ready for an immediate wave of 90s flashbacks. Some good, some bad, some really, REALLY ugly. 1. Writing down every single cheat code you could find on the same piece of paper. And then having a meltdown when you lost said piece of paper. 2. Pretended to use your skin off using white glue. 3.


18 Creepy Things From The 90s Responsible For Making You A Paranoid Mess

One noticeable thing about 90s kids is they're either extremely into scary stuff, or they would rather never leave the house than deal with it again. There is no in between. When you look back on the "entertainment" we had to keep ourselves busy, there's really no questioning where this came from. Is there a serial killer behind the shower curtain? What if I open this door and cockroaches come pouring out? What if my dog is actually an alien spying on me? All valid questions. All somehow influenced by the 90s. Scroll this list and be prepared for some


18 Facts 90s Kids Will Be Shocked To Hear

Ah, the '90s. There's no shortage of trends that came from the best decade. Ask any '90s kids for three facts about that time and they'll give you five. I don't think there is a generation more proud to be born in a span of years than those born in the '90s. But we uncovered some facts from those years that will most likely startle all '90s kids. Take a look and see if you knew any of these odd facts!1. The guy who voiced the Taco Bell Chihuahua also voiced Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life: Carlos Alazraqui.2.

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The Benefits of Using Datarooms.org.uk for Secure Data Management and Document Sharing

The modern world actively supports the popularization of virtual space in various fields of activity. If we talk about business representatives in particular, the concept of an electronic data room is actively used here.It is not surprising that the financial world is no exception in this situation. After all, the use of best data rooms in practice allows you to attract many advantages for promoting and organizing your business. Therefore, let's talk in more detail about the concept of a virtual data room, its features, and capabilities. We will also mention the main tips for choosing high-quality software and


15 Things From Your Childhood Kids Today Won't Believe

The differences between our childhoods and those of kids today are mind-blowing. We grew up on the fence of both generations. A lot of us would prefer to use technology today, but we still understand the importance of playing outside or turning the phones off for a night. The generations after us have it pretty easy, to be honest. We paved the way for some truly useful inventions. Scroll through this list of things from your childhood and try to imagine kids today doing them! Odds are they would need a hand. 1. Going to Blockbuster and picking out ONE