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Forgotten Photos Of The Club Kids That Will Remind You How Insane Parties Were Back In The Day

The early 80s and 90s had a huge pop music scene, but there are always those who are living a more alternative life. They listened to a different style of music, but they also dressed in a much more interesting way.

Over time, they became one of the biggest groups in New York City and started calling themselves 'The Club Kids.' They had a distinct style, an avant-garde lifestyle, and an attitude unlike any other popular groups.

The group was centered around Michael Alig and James St. James, who became so popular in the nightlife scene that they were paid to attend events. The whole Club Kid group ended abruptly after two of their members, including their leader Alig and his roommate, Robert 'Freeze' Riggs, plead guilty to a manslaughter charge.

They killed and dismembered their fellow Club Kid Andre 'Angel' Melendez, keeping his chopped up body in the bathtub for a week before stuffing the body parts into suitcases and dumping them in the Hudson River.

But before all the drama, the Club Kids had an amazing time in the late 80s and early 90s. They ruled New York and we all envied their outrageous and outlandish choices. Remember what it was like to see their pictures when you were young?

They all had their own style

@Kingspriteme1 /Instagram

They make dramatic choices

Hair and makeup were very important to the look

A lot of styles that might not really work for your general day-to-day look

And you had to commit

Their fashion choices were completely unique

It didn't always make sense to people who weren't in the group

There are still more pictures to remind you of the Club Kids...

They were a very eclectic little family


They made a statement everywhere they went

James St. James / Instagram

They were incredibly detailed with their looks

Kenny Kenny / Instagram

But they always had a lot of fun

Kenny Kenny / Instagram

Even when they looked a little blue

Alexis DiBiasio

And they always liked to stand out in a crowd

Richie Rich / Instagram

Do you remember hearing about Club Kids when you were younger? Or was it only after the Macaulay Culkin movie Party Monster came out that you realized that this underground group existed?