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8 Smells That Will Make You Close Your Eyes And Think It's The '90s Again

They say your sense of smell is the most powerful sense you have, and that it can trigger memories that have been locked away for decades.

Well, you can't smell through your computer screen (yet), but take a look at some of these pictures and see if you are drawn back to a time of *NSYNC and Sunday morning cartoons!

Remember the first time you opened a pack of Bubble Tape? Just breathe in that sweet aroma...

Oh man! This slimy, weird "toy" was all the rage, but can you remember what it smelled like? Especially after it fell behind the couch!

Wow. I feel like I'm back at my desk in third grade. Thanks to Mrs. Swanson for letting me know the black markers smelt best!

This has got to be the ultimate 90s smell! Even though it wasn't anything like food, the weird scent made me want to eat it anyways. It just looked so delicious!

Are any of these familiar so far? Keep reading to get a real blast from the past!

Well obviously we had to add these to the list! Anything chocolate was always my favorite.

My sisters fought over this stuff everyday before school started. Even a whiff and I bet they'd start shouting!

They said it would never hurt your eyes, and I wish I hadn't believed them so easily! My eyes would probably burn if I smelled this stuff again.

Now this was it. The smell of Sunny D is sop much more than an orange drink, it's every summer of my childhood. I'm warm just thinking about it...

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