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10 Toys From Our Childhood That Are Way Creepier Than We Remember

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Sid’s toys from Toy Story were the classic example of things children should never own.

Whether you asked for or were gifted any creepy toys, these dolls or games have always remained in your childhood memories.

Here's a list of 10 of the creepiest toys ever made that will make you wonder why some of them are still in circulation.

1. Jolly Chimp

There's nothing that's music to your ears more than this "jolly" chimpanzee. A chimp playing cymbals is creepy enough, so why do they add that he "glares, showing his teeth and chattering." This toy sets your teeth on edge.

2. Boobahs

If this alien-looking baby doesn't creep you out enough, just keep in mind that the animated version of Boobahs can fly. Whoever made these was going through a major LSD trip.

3. Pregnant barbie doll

I think one of the best parts about childhood is not knowing how babies are made and where they come from.  

If you thought that barbie doll was bad, check out this creepy Japanese pregnancy doll. It features a naked geisha-looking woman with stretch marks on her stomach.

4. Skinny Bones

The Bones family was one complete abomination. This life-size plastic skinny boy was by far the creepiest.

5. Avenging Narwhal

The unicorn of the sea isn't as friendly as land unicorns. The story is that narwhal was teased by penguins, so now he's getting his revenge by killing them. I don't like the message this toy is teaching kids.

These next ones should only appear in horror movies. Seriously, like right next to the Annabelle doll.

6. Baby Laugh A Lot

Watch the video below and answer this question: What's creepier, the baby or the way those little girls looked back at the camera. I think this laughing doll's eerie laugh attracted demons.  

7. Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces

What's worse than someone two-faced? Someone thousand-faced. This lifelike doll was produced in 1975 and came with a bunch of accessories, like a goatee and sideburns.

8. Jack in the Box

If you have a fear of surprises, you probably owned a Jack in the Box. This one below is not as creepy as some of the others, but it's still quite nerve-racking.

9. Little Miss No Name

Imagine walking in your room and having these faces greet you. All you have to do is look into those big red eyes and you'll be headed to therapy a few years later.

10. Ouija Game

The spirit board is still sold by major retailers like Walmart. They describe it as "mysterious and mystifying," but the slogan should be "you'll never be the same again." This "game" has been around for years, and many culture strongly believe it's not a game, but a portal to another world.

Which one of these creepy childhood toys did you own? Let us know!