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10 Fashion Disasters We All Suffered Through In The 80s That We Wish We Could Forget

Never in my life have I claimed to be fashionable. I am almost always years behind in trends, and honestly I just wear what is most comfortable.

However, when we were all kids and young adults in the 80s, we obviously had a lot more time and energy to devote to our clothing choices and let's just say we all made some mistakes.

Trying to keep up with the trends is not only exhausting, but it means you're going to end up with a lot of embarrassing pictures of your past. The trendy thing that was all the rage? Yep, you're gonna look back and regret it.

Well, regret might be a bit of a strong word, because at the time we probably felt super cool, and honestly who has the time to regret all their bad choices?

Even though we shouldn't regret them, we can look back and cringe a little at some of the hilarious styles we used to think were so very cool.

1. T-Shirt Clips

Because for some reason we all bought our shirts two sizes too big, and to make them fit slightly better we would clip them at the side.

These little plastic clips gave a nice pop of color to our t-shirts I guess, but looking back it doesn't really hold up quite as well.

2. Sweaters on the Shoulders

Making the Grade
Canon Film Distributors

It seems like every preppy guy needed to tie a sweater around his shoulders, not for warmth obviously, just as a status symbol.

I guess it says "I have the capability of being warm, but I don't need to because I am too fancy," or something, I really don't know why they did it.

3. Perms

Meg Ryan When Harry Met Sally
Columbia Pictures

I know that they've been making a big comeback lately, but at least the new perms have a little bit less of an electrocuted look to them.

These were big, puffy, frizzy, and basically just facilitated the big hair we all desired so very much.  

4. Sweat Bands

I don't know why we were all so sweaty in the 80s, maybe because of all the jazzercise, but either way, these sweat bands were pretty excessive.

We had to have a bunch of them for when we would work out, but I really don't know how necessary they really were.

5. Shoulder Pads

Heathers Shoulder pads
New World Pictures

Looking back through pictures of the 80s is kind of like looking at a picture of a football team. Everyone is super buff up top and then the rest is all pretty thin.

I guess that may have been part of the point, because if your shoulders were super wide your waist would theoretically look super small, but I think looking back it just looks weird.

6. Miami Vice Suits

Don Johnson

Just because the guys on Miami Vice looked "cool" in their suits with their sleeves pushed up that does not mean that it's going to look cool on you.

This was the harsh truth that a lot of people had to learn when they tried to pull off the white suit with a pastel colored t-shirt underneath and realized that it just didn't work at all.

7. Fingerless Lace Gloves

Thanks Madonna, this one I am going to credit you for. You created a style that was all yours but the more popular you got, the more everyone started to copy you.

Everyone started wearing a bunch of fingerless gloves all the time, and while they may not be practical, they did really make a statement. That statement was "I wish I were Madonna."

8. Neon Colored Everything

Neon Clothes

When I say everything, I mean everything.

From the scrunchies in our hair, to the baggy sweaters draped over our shoulders, down past our leggings, and all the way to our legwarmers, looking into our closets was like staring into the sun.

Everything was so bright it was almost painful but you know what, it was great.

9. Mullets

The mullet is a thing of beauty. It's a treasured relic from the past. Just kidding, mullets were everywhere and they were quite a lot to handle.

There were curly mullets, stringy mullets, fluffy mullets, crunchy mullets, and really any type of texture you could have, you could find a mullet version. I know that basically everyone had one back then but still...

And yes, there are still some people who have them now, but I ask you, should they?

10. Stirrup Pants

Having your pants secured to your feet was apparently a very important part of your outfit. You wouldn't want your pants to magically ride up right?

These straps were mostly just a pain though, but a lot of people seemed to love them. So much so that they've actually managed to make a comeback.

Which of these 80s fashion disasters are you most guilty of committing?

Seriously though, stirrup pants are back in style, perms are back in style, what's next? Mullets?

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