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Here's Why 'The Flintstones' And 'The Jetsons' Are In The Same Post-Apocalyptic Future

We all grew up watching The Flintstones and The Jetsons. We liked the contrast between the two, because in one block of time you could go from the prehistoric Bedrock to the space-age Orbit City.

They were both made by the Hanna-Barbera Productions company, and while you may not really think that they are connected, there are a lot of people who think that its all in the same universe. Not only that, but they believe that The Flintstones are actually in a post-apocalyptic future right there with The Jetsons.

Here's the thing, they are obviously just old cartoons and people are just looking for things that don't necessarily mean anything, but when you start to look into the facts it all connects.

First of all, they did appear in a movie together

The jetsons meet the flintstones

So it's not like it's completely crazy to think that they are connected I guess, because its canonical anyways.

The movie is called The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones and it shows Elroy making a time machine that was supposed to send them to the future but instead they end up in the past with the Flintstone family.

However here is the theory:

Elroy's time machine didn't work how he intended, instead it became a teleporter to the surface down below

People speculate that this possibility would explain all the craziness that happens in The Flintstones.

Here's the basis of the theory

So the Jetson family and all of the citizens of Orbit City live in their super cool sky city because the world below is completely destroyed right?

Orbit City Jetsons

Well what if it's not? What if the the people of Bedrock managed to survive what ever crazy thing wiped out most of the world? What if they managed to hold on to a few things from the past to help them survive and enjoy their lives? What if the futuristic city above sent them down some things every once and a while to help them out.

Bedrock Flintstones

Over time those scientific advances would help them out by cloning old dinosaurs but making them more intelligent and useful.

It does say they are the "Modern Stone Age family," not just a Stone Age family...

It suddenly explains so much right?

Like how they have a TV made out of a rock

THe Flintstones

Once again, I would like to reiterate that this is just a crazy fan theory and obviously it's just a cartoon, but it's too good not to look at more.

It explains why they celebrate Christmas

If The Flintstones took place in prehistoric times, then why do they celebrate Christmas? Christmas day is something that would have happened thousands of years after the caveman days.

The Flintstones Christmas

Or why they make some Beatles references

I know they were popular in the real world, but imagine if in this post-apocalyptic the Beatles were one of the bands whose music managed to survive in some form or another and they inspired future generations?

The Flintstones Beatles

But some people have an even more insane and awesome theory

The Flintstones Jetsons

How did some people end up in Bedrock while others are living the luxurious life in Orbit City? Well one person believes that it's all based on the economic class they were a part of.

"Maybe the ground is reserved for the poverty stricken or lower class families and the sky is middle to upper class and it's taboo to mix the two for fear of losing one's social status."

There's also The Great Gazoo to consider


Just because Gazoo thinks he's in the future doesn't mean he's right. Maybe he came from so far in the future that even the Jetson's robot maid would seem like the Stone Age to him.

Gazoo appears in Duck Dodgers as well which is set in the 24th Century, so depending on how long Gazoo can live for, The Flintstones probably needs to take place around there right?

So overall we may never really know what the truth is, but it's still fun to speculate!

Flintstones Jetsons

I know it's just a kids show and they probably don't think that much about the silly little things they put in the show to make it relatable, but what if they did? It's just a fun thought experiment!

Have you ever thought there were any other shows that were connected even though they never mentioned it?

These aren't the only cartoons that have had some crazy fan theories spread about them. Casper the Friendly and Richie Rich have a crazy theory about them, one that involves them actually being the same person.

There's also a creepy theory about the kids in the movie Toy Story that once you see changes everything.

Source - Reddit / Cracked / Ranker