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8 Of The Best Shows From One Saturday Morning That We Still Miss Watching

As a kid, there was nothing more important than Saturday morning cartoons. Specifically the set of programming we all know and loved that was called One Saturday Morning. It was by far the best programming on TV and there was something for everyone. You want some elementary school kids fighting over hierarchy in the playground? They had it. You want middle school kids living their weekend life? Absolutely there! Even if you want some new original Disney shows based on your favorite content, those were there too! It literally had everything you could ever want.

There were of course a lot of shows that fell into the One Saturday Morning umbrella, but some were of course better than others. How many of these fantastic shows did you watch? We can't possibly name them all but here are 8 of the best ones!

1. Doug

Doug was always one of the most entertaining shows on the program, and absolutely one of the most colorful. I mean, his best friend was literally blue. The show was on from 1997-2001 and each season was great. People love these characters so much that they even imagined how they would look as adults.

2. Kim Possible

Kim Possible was a super fun spy adventure show that ran between 2002-2006. It was nice to see the brave girl character with her goofy sidekick each week deal with situations that no teen should have to deal with.

3. Pepperann

Pepperann was just so great. It ran between 1997-2001 and it was all just so amazing. A lot of these shows involved an awkward main character and I think all of us making our way through puberty really appreciated that.

4. The Weekenders

This show was absolutely one of the greatest cartoons around. It was clever, original and fun. It was on only between 2000-2002 but it will live on forever in our hearts.

5. Recess

It seems like all of these shows were just absolutely great doesn't it? Recess was fun because a lot of things felt very familiar to us real kids. Who didn't know that group of girls who seemed like clones of each other? Or one kid who thought they ruled the playground? Or that teacher's pet who was always trying to snitch. It was on from 1997-2002 and it was such a great show.

6. Schoolhouse Rock!

These little segments were only three minutes long, but they always taught us something important. They would even show them in schools to help kids learn things over the years. I mean, even in high school they would still pull these out. They were the best! They started back in the 70s but came back because if you find a fun way to learn you should probably keep using it!

7. Even Stevens

This is how we were all introduced to the one and only Shia LeBeouf as he starred in this show for three seasons between 2000-2003. It was a wonderful show that everyone seemed to love.

8. Lizzie McGuire

She eventually left One Saturday Morning, but between 2001-2002 this is where you could find her! Lizzie and her friends Miranda and Gordo would get into all kinds of shenanigans while crimping and curling their hair at the same time.  

There were of course a bunch of other shows on One Saturday Morning, which were your favorites?

Let us know in the comments!

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