7 Facts You Didn't Know About 'Recess' That Will Make You Say "Scandalous"

Recess is one of the best cartoons that has ever been made. Sure, it was fun for kids to watch, but there was actually a lot more going on in this little cartoon than anyone actually noticed. ABCThe show started back in 1997 and quickly it became one of the most important shows for us to watch. There was just something about these outcasts trying to fit into their school that felt very real. The characters all felt so familiar to us, and we could relate to at least one of them. ABCWhether you were more like the leader of


8 Of The Best Shows From One Saturday Morning That We Still Miss Watching

As a kid, there was nothing more important than Saturday morning cartoons. Specifically the set of programming we all know and loved that was called One Saturday Morning. It was by far the best programming on TV and there was something for everyone. You want some elementary school kids fighting over hierarchy in the playground? They had it. You want middle school kids living their weekend life? Absolutely there! Even if you want some new original Disney shows based on your favorite content, those were there too! It literally had everything you could ever want. There were of course a


What Made The Weekenders So Unique Is Something That You Never Noticed

The Weekenders was one of the greatest shows that was on One Saturday Morning. It was on in the same block as Recess and Pepperann, but there was always something that made it special. Sure the characters were amazing, the storylines were fun and the pizza place was ever changing, but the one that that made it unique is something no one notices until it's pointed out. Do you know what it was? The show was great but it was one specific subtle detail that made it extra special. It's even something that shows like The Simpsons, King of the


Someone Drew The Doug Cast As Adults And It's A Lot

Doug was one of the greatest cartoons of the 90s. Doug Funnie was a huge part of most 90s kids childhoods and the whole gang holds such a special place in our hearts. Have you ever wondered what they would look like now? Artist Isaiah Stephens has done a bunch of these modern re-imaginings that will really bring the nostalgic feelings right to the surface. Whether he is giving you a glimpse into the Rugrats future, or Doug Funnie and his friends,  you're going to leave you missing One Saturday Morning! Doug Funnie and PorkchopSkeeter ValentinePattie MayonnaiseRoger KlotzNed CaupheeWillie


Pepper Ann Was Way Ahead Of Her Time And Deserves Way More Credit Than She Gets

As far as the "One Saturday Morning" cartoons went, there are obviously a few stand outs. Recess was always a classic, Doug was pretty much beloved by all, but for those of us who wanted our main character to be someone a little more like us, Pepper Ann was our show. Pepper Ann was definitely much too cool for 7th grade, and we all learned a lot from her show. She was a pretty realistic character, who went through realistic things that a lot of pre-teen girls go through. I mean, there was an entire episode about Pepper Ann buying


12 Times Miss Grotke Proved She Was The Wokest Teacher Of The 90s

You could make a pretty solid case for Recess being the best cartoon of the 90s. It was funny, intelligent, and with characters like Miss Grotke, it was woke. I think most of Miss Grotke's wise words and quips went over our heads as kids, or at least they did for me. But looking back, she's one of the most aware and feminist characters we were exposed to...and that's a wonderful thing. These are some of Miss Grotke's best moments. 1. When she ignored societal demands to shave her legs. Disney2. When she taught her students that we are