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What Made The Weekenders So Unique Is Something That You Never Noticed

The Weekenders was one of the greatest shows that was on One Saturday Morning. It was on in the same block as Recess and Pepperann, but there was always something that made it special. Sure the characters were amazing, the storylines were fun and the pizza place was ever changing, but the one that that made it unique is something no one notices until it's pointed out.

Do you know what it was? The show was great but it was one specific subtle detail that made it extra special. It's even something that shows like The Simpsons, King of the Hill and pretty much every other cartoon avoids.

What is this sneaky thing they did? They let their characters change clothes. The Weekenders have a few different outfits that they would wear through the weekend and it would help differentiate the days.

Bart and Lisa have been wearing the same outfits for essentially 30 years, but Tito, Tish, Lor and Carver all have a few changes of clothes to switch between. There weren't unlimited options, but that is what made it more realistic. A lot of live action TV shows will only show an article of clothing once and then it's done, but people in real life wear things over and over.

They all had their own styles and it was always great that they had a few different outfits. It wasn't something that you noticed at the time, but looking back now it's super cool that they found a subtle way to stand out from the pack!

Do you remember watching The Weekenders? It was always my favorite on One Saturday Morning and I super wish it was still on!