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'Beverly Hills: 90210' Revival Looks Like It Will Feature A Lot Of Familiar Faces


Who else remembers planning their entire week based on when Beverly Hills: 90210 was going to be on TV? It wasn't like we could record it easily, blank VHS tapes were pricey, so we had to watch it when it was on or miss out.

Watching Brenda, Kelly, Dylan, Brandon, Donna, and everyone else hand out and get into all kinds of mayhem was the highlight of our weeks. When it ended, we were all a bit sad, but then they brought it back with a new spin-off.  

The new show tried to catch that same teen spirit, but I guess most of their original audience had already grown up so it didn't get the same level of attention.

Even though the original spin-off ended, that doesn't seem to be stopping the powers that be from giving it yet another go.

CBS is looking to bring back the ORIGINAL 90210, featuring many of the original actors from the 90s show!

Jennie Garth (Kelly), Tori Spelling (Donna), Jason Priestley (Brandon), Ian Ziering (Steve), Brian Austin Green (David), and Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea), are all said to be involved with the new show.

This project has been a long time coming. Spelling first teased the reunion back in March when she posted a photo in March saying that she was "back to work" with Jennie Garth.

But without much more explanation, we've all just been waiting for news. But now Variety reports that the studio has already received interest from multiple outlets so it may be coming sooner than we thought.


So far CBS has remained tight-lipped about the project though, but what do you think, would you want to see what all the original characters of 90210 are up to now that they are all grown up?

Source - Variety / Huffington Post / Pop Culture

Are you interested in yet another 90210 spin-off?