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13 Things We All Wasted Our Money On As Kids

When you were a kid, there was no better moment than when your parents said you could have a dollar or two to spend on something fun. What did we do? Did we save it up so we could buy something really cool? Absolutely not! We went to the dollar store and bought the most random and useless thing we could find and treasured it dearly for about four and a half minutes.

There are some things that everyone had even though we honestly do not know why. Here are 13 of the most bizarre and useless things we all bought.

1. Sparkly stickers

2. Sticky Hands

3. Koosh balls

4. Kaleidoscope

5. Echo Mic

6. Stick-On Earrings

7. Tubes that made weird cow-like noises when you flipped them

But that's not the only stuff we wasted money on.

8. Bugs in a tiny wooden box that wiggled when opened

9. These squishy tube things

10. Trolls

11. Smurf figurines

12. Slap bracelets

13. Silly Putty

What a weird childhood we all had. Which of these did you have?