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Someone Drew The Doug Cast As Adults And It's A Lot

Doug was one of the greatest cartoons of the 90s. Doug Funnie was a huge part of most 90s kids childhoods and the whole gang holds such a special place in our hearts. Have you ever wondered what they would look like now?

Artist Isaiah Stephens has done a bunch of these modern re-imaginings that will really bring the nostalgic feelings right to the surface. Whether he is giving you a glimpse into the Rugrats future, or Doug Funnie and his friends,  you're going to leave you missing One Saturday Morning!

Doug Funnie and Porkchop

Skeeter Valentine

Pattie Mayonnaise

Roger Klotz

Ned Cauphee

Willie White

Boomer Bledsoe

Chalky Studebaker

Judy Funnie

Beebe Bluff

Connie Benge

Who was your favorite character? Do you think this is what they would look like now? It's kind of weird to see them modernized and looking more adult.

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