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12 Pictures Of Men’s Fashion From The '70s That Will Make You Glad Baggy Jeans Exist

Bored Panda / Vintag

I'm glad I didn't grow up in the 70s. While women's fashion back in the day wasn't the most beautiful thing you've ever seen, men's fashion was just hideous.

Men wore tight booty shorts, bell-bottoms, cable-knit vests, drawstring pants, and lots of other clothes that just yelled "I'm so stylish."

But hey, that's just my opinion. Take a look for yourself:

1. If Coachella existed in the '70s, I'm certain all guys would be dressed like this.

As a woman, I haven't even worn shorts like that!

2. This Dustin Hoffman look-alike seems like he's having a grand time.

On the bright side, those running shorts look very comfy.

3. If Arnold Schwarzenegger's shorts didn't look bad enough, the belt gives a special touch to his appearance.

If we didn't already know that Arnold is a body builder, you would have been so confused by this picture. Not that you already aren't.  

4. Their body posture is one thing, those jeans are another.

It's a little too tight...

5. Crop top, booty shorts, knee-high socks.

He was a skater boy, she said see ya later boy. I can't believe these shorts were considered fashion.

These next ones are some fashion gems...

6. He took a scissor to those jeans, for sure.

We are officially not allowed to complain when our kids leave the house with ripped jeans.

7. Exercising with jeans isn't a good idea...

At least he's wearing a men's tank top. I'll give him that.

8. Style really meant something else back in the 70s...

I wish this picture was photoshopped, but it's not.

9. The women are wearing pants, while the men are wearing shorts.

It actually makes sense, men don't have to shave, so they don't need to worry about those beautiful legs of theirs.

10. That's 70s men's fashion at its finest.

11. If this attire isn't risque, I don't know what is.

Do those socks have buckles?!

12. I'd rather see the booty shorts.

What do you think of 70s men's fashion? Would you like to see guys dress like this today?