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10 Things You Miss From Your Childhood, Even Though You Pretend Not To

Y'know those things we all loved in the 90s but pretend to hate? We don't really hate them. It just seems like something we have to say when we're talking to everyone else about "how lame" everything was and how things are better now.

Well LISTEN UP. They are not better. Things now are dumb and confusing and all around not cool. Do I sound like a cranky old lady when I say this? Yes. Do I care? Not even a little bit. Maybe it's because all the things we do or have now relate to being an adult, but I really just don't care for them.

These are things from our childhoods we would all welcome back with open arms, despite saying we've "moved on" from ever liking them in the first place.

1. Tamagotchis

I wasn't allowed to bring my Tamagotchi to school, so the longest it ever survived was two days over the weekend. Many people will tell you they're "for kids" and "no longer technologically superior" but those people are just mad that they never actually had a Tamagotchi, and were stuck with Dinky Dinos.

2. Phone Conversations


Whhhhhy are people so hard on actually speaking to your friends on the phone? Sure, texting is convenient and my preferred method of communication, but there's still something to be said about hearing another person's voice and reaction when you're telling them a story. I'm not saying we need to be constantly on the phone, but I can't count the number of times I've sent a massive text and realized calling would be easier.

Plus, how fun was it to sit on the phone for an hour with your best friend gossiping?

3. Maps

GPS is more convenient and extremely helpful, I'll give you that. But I still cherish the memories of going on a road trip and having to unfold a giant map to figure out where to turn next. You got to see the entire city at once instead of just listening to a tiny machine give you exact directions. Using maps also made you pay more attention AND learn the way you were going. Similar to the whole "give a man a fish and he'll have food for a day, teach a man to fish and he'll have food for a lifetime" concept, your GPS will get you there, but a map taught you how.

4. Fortune Tellers/Cootie Catchers

How else am I supposed to figure out what my future holds and who I'm going to marry? These were the ultimate decision maker and frankly, I miss having an easy solution. Plus, if you had one of these on the playground, you were the coolest kid at recess.

5. Computer Solitaire

If you're like me, you didn't really have internet privileges or fast enough internet to do anything fun, so you were stuck with the default games that came on the machine most of the time. Solitaire was a phenomenal way to pass time and also to feel like a grown-up. On the odd occasion you actually won, you were graced with the bouncing cards and you felt like you won the lottery. Sure, I bet there's similar games on computers now...but nothing will beat the original.

6. Blockbuster

New Yorker

Yes, it's great having Netflix which houses almost everything we could ever want to watch, but the thrill of going to a Blockbuster on Friday night to pick out the movie you'd be watching 17 times that weekend cannot be matched. If anyone tells you it's a good thing Blockbuster is gone, they're wrong and you should feel sorry for them.

7. Having No Debt or Expenses

We always wanted money as kids to spend on things but now whenever I have to spend more than $40 on groceries I consider walking myself right into traffic.

8. VHS Tapes

They just made a movie better somehow. Whether it was because of the nostalgia factor or the sheer excitement of watching a movie at home, VHS tapes were (and still are) my preferred way of watching a movie other than in theaters.

9. Going To The Movies

The whole experience was so special, especially as kids. Picking the movie was one thing, but reading the paper to find out what times you could see it felt like a military plan of action. "Okay, so the movie is at 7pm, whose mom is driving us? Jenny can't get there until 6:45 because she has soccer that night but I think that will be okay. Some one just has to make sure they save a seat. Tell your mom not to pick us up until 9:30 or something so we can hang out after!!!!!"

Was it fun because we didn't have to pay for it ourselves? Probably. But don't ruin this for me.

10. Missing People (and Privacy)

No social media, no texting, no constant connection. When you finally got to hang out with people it was the best. You could spend hours catching up on what's been going on in your lives. Plus, there was some privacy and secrecy that people forget was actually nice. There was no social obligation to post about your night. You didn't have to compare your life to someone else's based on what they posted on social media. It was a simpler time, thought it made it harder to stalk your crush.

What are some things from your childhood that you miss?