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15 Things All 90s Kids Hope To Never Suffer Through Again

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Growing up in the 90s had a pretty unique set of stressful situations. Sure, it was never life or death, but sometimes it really felt like it.

90s kids experienced their own struggles, ones that kids today wouldn't understand at all.  They have their own problems, sure, but ours were pretty much the worst. I mean, of course we think that because they were our problems, but still!

Check out the problems and see if any of these sound familiar:

You lost your favorite Lip Smacker and can't find it in store anymore

When your bangs or your bowl get cut uneven and now it'll take weeks to even out OR you have to cut it even shorter

You forgot it was picture day and didn't wear the cute outfit you were supposed to


You missed the newest episode of your favorite show and now you have no idea when you will ever be able to see it again


Having to see the same commercials for the N64 over and over again even though your parents already said you can't have one


Going to your friend's house to play Nintendo, but then they get bored because they play it all the time

When Koolaid stopped making the flavor you liked

When you weren't allowed to check on your Tamagotchi until recess and it died

And that wasn't all we had to deal with...

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