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Trix Cereal Is Finally Going Back To Their Classic Look And We Cannot Wait

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Who else remembers eating a big ol' bowl full of Trix cereal in the morning before packing your lunch and heading off to school?

Trix was the perfect cereal to eat, because a lot of us felt like we were tricking our parents into thinking it was healthy. Sure, we're eating sugary cereal, but it's fruit-flavored so obviously it's not as bad as Cocoa Puffs or something. Boy, were we wrong.

Well, now we're all old enough not to care, we can eat sugary cereal if we want because guess what, cereal is delicious.

But there's been one thing missing from our recent bowls of Trix. Sure, that silly rabbit is still on the box, and we managed to get them to give up on their attempts at healthier food coloring options, but the new round shapes just weren't as enticing as those old fruit shapes.

We want to eat little orange slices, tiny watermelons, and that weird blue and red one that kind of looked like a flower. We don't want a bunch of colorful circles, where's the fun in that?

We've all been whining about it since they changed it back in 2006, but now they've finally given up and gave us exactly what we wanted!

General Mills released a statement on their website with the big news and honestly, it's actually very exciting.

“After bringing back the bright colors, our fans have not stopped telling us what they want next,” Scott Baldwin, director of marketing for General Mills cereal said.

“We have heard from an overwhelming number of Trix fans who have been calling, emailing and reaching out on social media telling us that they want fruity shapes back. Kids of the 90s can rejoice, their fruity shapes are back in Trix.”

Baldwin is referring to the uproar caused by their attempt to switch the food coloring to natural sources, which led to a duller, more pastel-toned cereal.

People were not having it, and complained until they finally switched it back in 2017. Apparently this inspired over 20,000 people to send in requests for the old fruit shapes.

But it wasn't easy to get back to the fruit shapes. “Bringing back shapes required the cooperation of a cross-functional team of people," Baldwin explained.

"From research and development ensuring the shapes were just like fans remember to our plant and operations teams actually producing the cereal shapes, the teams worked tirelessly to ensure the shapes are just as our fans remember.”

The cereal will be back in it's iconic shapes starting in October 2018 in the United States, so check your local super market to see if you can get them!

Source - General Mills

Are you happy Trix is going back to their classic look?