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15 Products For Anyone Who Still Wishes It Was The 90s

Alright, listen. The world is currently going to hell in a hand basket. But remember when we were kids and we didn't have any cares in the world? Sure, I'm sure politics were still wild and things were a little out of control, but we didn't care.

Also, the TV shows were just way better.

Here are some products that will help you relive the 90s, considering that's where a lot of us would rather be right now!

1. A "solo cup swirly pattern" sweatshirt


Nothing says 90s like this iconic design on a crew neck sweater!

2. Don't forget the matching sweatpants!


3. A Yak Bak


The 90s were a time of extremely high-tech gadgets, if you didn't notice. My Yak Bak was purple and I annoyed the heck out of everyone and anyone I came across.

4. Fishnet Gloves


Nothing says punk-rock chic like a pair of fishnet fingerless gloves. They let people know you were not to be messed with, and that you could probably knock out a sub-par version of Wonderwall on guitar.

5. A Full House poster

I'll take a life size poster of Uncle Jesse if you're offering...

6. A Nifty Fanny Pack


Where else are you going to store your Yak Bak? This one also glows under UV light, so don't tell me you won't be the coolest kid in town.

7. A McDonald's Magic French Fry Maker


Ever wanted to turn bread into sliced bread? Step right up! All you need is bread, cinnamon and sugar! As the box says, it's EZ to make and EZ to clean.

8. Some Hit Clips


I had a Céline Dion Hit Clip that played a one minute micro-mix of My Heart Will Go On. I still love that song, while the rest of my family would rather it never be mentioned again.

9. A Fresh Prince T-shirt


If it was good enough for Will Smith, it's sure as hell good enough for you.

10. Slap Bracelets


Cute? Sure. Fashionable? Debatable. Practical? Absolutely.

11. Pogs


500 Pogs are the cure for a terrible day (or year.) Feel those memories come flooding back!!

12. Mood Rings


What color is "perpetually hungry and tired"?

13. Rocko's Modern Life Enamel Pins


A perfect addition to your sweaters, backpacks, fanny packs, or lanyards.

14. Butterfly Hair Clips


Just make sure you don't drop them and step on them. I will not be responsible for any injuries that occur. But I will take credit for your fly hairstyle.

15. A Candy Basket


Let's face it, the best way to deal with any emotion is through food, no matter WHAT your doctor tells you. A basket filled with the best 90s candy is the perfect solution, don't you think?