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11 Things You'll Only Remember If You Lived Through The 90s

The 90s were a pretty epic decade. We had a whole lot of pop music, a lot of awesome cartoons, and totally radical fashions.


The thing is, a lot of the stuff that we experienced in the 90s is pretty much forgotten now. How many of these things do you remember?

Evaluating our Beanie Baby collection to see which one was going to make us our fortune

Setting up our Lite Brites with the coolest patterns

Wearing rollerblades everywhere we went

Using Netscape Navigator for all our browsing needs

The joy getting one of those orange VHS tapes

Owning one of these:

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Thinking that you could win this show:

Scholastic Book Orders were the BEST

Eating a heaping bowl of Oreo O's

Rocking one of these very fancy rings


Witnessing that iconic Spice Girls performance that launched the Union Jack dress

How many of these do you remember from the 90s? Share in the comments!